Sunday, May 1, 2011


I feel like I'm stuck there right now. No official travel dates yet but our agency is saying we're going May 20th. And if I can work in a pre-trip to Beijing...which I really really really want to do....that means I'll be going on May 17th or 18th. That's in like 2 1/2 WEEKS!!

I just wish I knew for sure so I could make some solid plans. I hate that we might travel so soon and I don't have a plane ticket. Yes... the OCD overthinking planner girl is freaking out a little. No, a lot actually. I've been trying to be as productive as possible and knock things off the "To Do List" ahead of time. That makes me feel a little better.

I've got a solid packing list made. In fact, I've got most of it bought and have started to lay it out already. Still have just a few more things to get and then I'll be doing some "test runs". I have to make sure it all fits and stays within the luggage restrictions. Because I'll be flying from one province to another within China, I'm limited to only one checked bag with a 44 lb weight, a carry on and personal item. 44 lbs is not a lot. And that's including the weight of the bag itself!

I spent $300 at Tar-jay the other day on meds. Baby meds, adult meds... but it seemed like I walked out of there with very little. Certainly not like I'd just spent $300! Man.. that stuff is expensive.

Got my FMLA plan made at work. Trying to wrap up my caseload as much as I possibly can in preparation for my 12 week absence. That won't be easy. Well... not going to work will be completely easy. I mean trying to do work during the next 2 weeks that doesn't require more follow up or court during that 12 weeks. That's the hard part.

Made arrangements with the bank for my new money. Hired a landscaper to get the yard in shape for summer. Just finished redecorating the guest room. Have two baby showers coming up. Two!! So excited about those!

Basically just hanging around in limbo trying to be productive but limited since there is no solid plan yet. And aching for my baby so much it takes my breath sometimes. I've learned in the last 3 weeks since I saw her face that all this planning doesn't even matter. If they called me tomorrow and said catch a flight in an hour...I'd make it work. I just want to get there and get my girl!


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