Sunday, October 7, 2012

Missing My Boy

It's been 4 weeks since I had to say good-bye to my furry little soul mate.
Getting used to his absence has been really difficult. Some days there are still tears.
As I carry laundry up from the basement, I still expect to see him waiting for me at the top of the stairs... like he always did.
I still wait for him to come running to the kitchen when I open a bag of shredded cheese... like he always did.
I still slowly get out of bed when the alarm goes off so that I don't startle him sleeping peacefully at the foot of my bed... like he always did.
I still glance over at the couch expecting to see him sleeping on the back of it... like he always did.
He's just always been around. My nieces and nephews have grown up with him.
He's been camping with the family and has gone on a few road trips. In 2010, we drove all the way to Florida together.
He was included in our annual Christmas penguin pj's photoshoots.
And one year he even got his own photo with the big guy.
I'm sure there will be sadness when I pull out the Christmas decor this year.
He was my constant companion for twelve years.
My first baby.
My snuggler.
My spooner.
Then Mia came and our lives really changed. This was our first day home and his expression seems to be saying "Are you sure about this?"
But it didn't take long for Griffey to accept her into our family.
And then he was always with her.
Never that far away... but far enough to be out of reach. LOL!
Hovering and hoping for a dropped Cheerio.
I love how he photo-bombed this present opening shot. I found this on my computer when I was organizing old photos of him and it made me laugh.
He was right there in the mix to help celebrate Mia's first birthday with everyone.
I'm glad they had a little over a year together. I wish it could've been longer. But I'm grateful they knew each other. I'll hold those memories close.
I'll probably look for him in all his familiar places for awhile still yet.
And I'll love him.... and miss him always.
Or at least until we meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.
July 1, 2000 - Sept 7, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Goodbye Griffey

My beloved Griffey lost a very sudden and very short battle with kidney disease on Friday.
He was the first great love of my life, my furry soul mate, my best friend for 12 years. 

I'm not sure my heart will ever fully heal from the hole his absence has left.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost 23 Months Old

Dear Mia
In a little more than a week you'll be 23 months old. I can't believe you'll be 2 years old soon after that.

You change every day. You're not the same little girl you were a few months ago. Or even a few weeks ago.

These are some of the things I want to remember about your 23 month old self.

You've tired of bananas. There was a time you had to have one for breakfast every single day. No more. I can barely get you to finish half of one now. Maybe you burned yourself out.

Your two most favorite foods are bread and cheese. Well, three favorites... cuz you're still a cracker addict and often carry your snack trap with some form of cracker inside.

But bread... oh my. I make more sandwiches these days cuz you frequently request "bed". Then I introduced you to toast one morning. You loved it. You're so obsessed with bread that I've even just handed you a plain old slice of wheat... and you've happily devoured it.

I can't even say cheese in front of you anymore. I have to spell it out. Or else you want some. Any kind. String cheese and good old processed American singles wrapped in plastic are your most favorite. And when I make you grilled cheese.... it's like you've hit the lottery. Your two favorites in one awesome meal.

Your favorite song is "Ring Around the Rosie". You learned it at daycare. But at home you grab my hands, start swaying back and forth, and sing "rosie rosie fall down". When I try to sing the entire always prematurely fall down about a chorus too soon. It cracks me up.

One day I was sitting down and you grabbed my hands to sing... but first you told me "up". Because you clearly thought mommy sitting down to sing your Rosie song was unacceptable.

You've started telling me when you've "pooped" and then you run over to the basket where I keep the diapering supplies and return with a diaper and wipes. You tell me "ucky" and insist I change you immediately. I have a feeling potty training may be happening sooner than mommy really wanted to. We'll see.

You still love books. They're your most prized possession. And you ask me to read to you all the time. I happily oblige. I'm so grateful you're an avid reader. It makes me happy.

Within the last couple months you've started to pretend play. And you've gotten better at it and do it more often here lately.

You play with your kitchen putting things in the pots and pans. Stirring things up. You put a cup in the pretend water dispenser on the front of your refrigerator and act like you're getting water. You put your hands under the faucet and act like you're washing your hands. You pretend eat... and make everyone else do it too.

You've become interested in baby dolls. You rock them in your chair. You pat them on the back to comfort them and say "okay baby". You stick the doll's sippy cup in her mouth so she can drink water like you do. Tonight as we were getting your pj's on after bath you tried to put one of your diapers on the baby. And you did a surprisingly good job all by yourself.

You like to try to help me undress you. But you usually only get about halfway out of a shirt. Then I hear "I stuck, I stuck" and have to come rescue you.

You use anything as a telephone. The latest thing is an old remote control you found. The other day you were sitting on the stairs carrying on a conversation with the remote control attached to your ear. I asked who you were talking to. You said "Papa" (which is how you say Grandpa). Then you said "no no no, Auntie" (which is what you call Dominique). Like you changed your mind. It was pretty stinking cute. Especially since you came up with those two people all on your own with no suggestions from me.

You're becoming more independent and commonly say "walk walk walk" when I'm carrying you. Which means "Put me down mommy. I'm a big girl and I prefer to walk on my own." Sometimes that's a battle if we're running late....

You still love Sesame Street. Or "Melmo" as you call it. He's your favorite character for sure. And now you've also added in singing "la la la la" when you ask to watch "Melmo". That's your off melody attempt to sing the Elmo's World theme song.

You went through a brief phase where you favored Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over Elmo though. You'd ask to watch "Mickey" ....but Minnie was who you'd get excited to see when she popped up on the screen.

Now your most requested show is Super Why. This is what I hear until I turn it on... "why why why why why". I don't mind it so much though. It's a good educational reading show. So of course my little bookworm would love it.

I look at photos of you from a year ago and realize how much we've been through, how much you've changed, how much you've accomplished. You're growing up way too fast and sometimes the days pass in a blur. I'm glad I have this place to help me keep track of the memories. There are things I never want to forget.... but boy, it's going by so quickly.

Can you just stay little, please?
Love Mommy  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Splash Pad

I've tried a couple of times to get Mia into the fountains at the splash pad but failed miserably. Each time we went she wanted nothing to do with the water. Which surprised me since she loves swimming.
However my BFF was finally successful.
We tagged along for her company picnic a couple of weeks ago while Tatum was still visiting.
And they had a giant splash pad there. Mia finally got brave enough to get in.
She even let Auntie Dominique run her under the water spray.
And she LOVED it!
Look at those chubby thighs. THIS is why I have trouble finding jeans to fit her. LOL!

Mia and Tatum
After all that activity, her highness needed to rest and refuel with some pretzels.
Then somehow she convinced Dominique's son, Reuben, to chauffeur her back to the picnic area. 
Spoiled much, this one? Nahhh.....