Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trick or Treat 2012

The weather was awful for Halloween this year. Hurricane Sandy was hitting the east coast and we felt some of that here as well. I ended up taking Mia to an indoor trick or treat event at a local mall. Unfortunately, every other person in the state of Ohio had the same idea. Or at least it seemed that way. 

We didn't last long. It was elbow to elbow and the lines were ridiculously long. Here's a photo of Mia with her candy. Yes... that's it. That one piece before I called it off and headed for the door.
And how ironic that I stopped to grab a photo not even paying attention to the Xmas display in the background... already up at Halloween. 

We tried again the next night but it was chilly and drizzling rain. So we only went about a block and a half. Hopefully, next year the weather will be a bit more cooperative. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fall Farm Festival 2012

I scrolled back through the blog and see that I failed to mention the big move that happened late this summer. Which is why some people might have been confused when I said my sister, her husband and the T's drove up from Tennessee for Mia's birthday party. 

You see, they live there now. My sister graduated over the summer and became a Certified Nurse Midwife. Unfortunately, there isn't a big market in this area for that job. She had to look elsewhere for a place to start her career. And so now, Mia's beloved cousins - more commonly known as "the T's" - live 5 hours away.

Yes it sucks. But it is what it is. My sister is hoping to return home at some point once her career is more established. We're hoping, too. For now, we've been lucky enough to still visit once a month or so.

While the cousins were in town for the birthday party we decided to keep our annual tradition and make the trip to our favorite fall farm festival.
That's Tess above, in the owl hat, checking out the new baby calves. Below, Tatum is holding Mia up to see, too.
They rode the green tractor train again.
Just like last year...
Teagan wanted a turn riding with Mia, too, this time.
Auntie Carla helped her on the trike. She hasn't quite got the hang of pedaling.
Tess liked the horse swing made out of old rubber tires.
Tatum helped Mia go down the monster slide.
It's a really steep, long tunnel. My little daredevil loved it.
And yes there are 2 other T's in my sister's tribe. But Travis and Tanner are at that teen/tween age where it's no longer cool to hang out with the little kids. Plus they're too tall to fit in the wagon anyway.