Friday, May 13, 2011

Making Progress

This is the last weekend I'll spend in my house alone. It's all a bit surreal. I took a shower today realizing soon there will be bathtub toys for me to navigate around. Right this very moment there are bottles and sippy cups in my dish drainer. I washed baby clothes the other day and marveled at how tiny they are.

I'm full throttle in prep mode right now. Most everything is set aside waiting to be packed. That's planned to start Sunday night. I even bought a little luggage scale to make sure our bags aren't overweight.  I think I've narrowed down the clothing for myself and Mia. Now I just have to make sure it all fits.

I have a baby shower tomorrow. I'm so excited for that! It's all a total surprise. My bestie has it all planned and from the little bit that I've seen... I bet it's gonna be something spectacular.

I'm slowly wrapping things up at work. Only 2 more work days left! I won't be back until August 15th. The whole summer to spend with my baby girl! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I have visions of putting her in the stroller for an afternoon walk, going to the pool, the park. Just spending lots of time in the sunshine as we get to know each other.

Today I had Eco-Maids come and clean my house. It was a nice little gift to myself. I think other than the cost of this might have been the BEST money I ever spent. Relieving  the stress of having to do it all myself and the time saved was so worth every penny. My house is sparkling.

Griffey even had a bath today. He's all fluffy and fresh. I just hope he stays that way for the next few weeks. It'd be nice if he still smelled good when he meets his little sister. I wonder how that relationship will work out. Of course, I hope they fall in love with each other. But it might take awhile. It's just been Griffey and me for over 10 years. Sharing the attention might be a difficult adjustment.
So my plane tickets are bought. The "really good condition" money situation has been worked out and is all ready to go. The pediatrician has been chosen and the first appointment made for a few days after we get home. I'm installing the car seat in the backseat on Sunday. I'll own a stroller by Monday. On Wednesday at 6am the plane takes off on the way to my daughter.

Soon a baby will live here. 


Kayce said...

Hope you got your car seat in and you're test driving that stroller tonight! :) I'm feeling a little giddy just thinking about how you're feeling right now....China here you come!!!!!!!

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