Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hanging In

Work has been crazy busy the last couple of weeks. Mia has so many new teeth, including molars, coming in ....I've lost count.

Needless to say... I've got nothing left at the end of the day. So the blog is suffering. Hopefully, life will calm down here for us soon.

In the meantime, here are some videos of my big girl and all the walking she's been doing lately.
And unfortunately, a lot of stumbling and falling down, too.
And lots and lots of babbling. This girl is gonna be a non-stop talker some day.
Oh and if you notice there's a lack of furniture in our living room. We had to make room for the new stuff to be delivered. Mia is loving the wide open space. Momma, however, is tired of sitting on the floor for the last week.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Signs

Mia surprised me several times tonight by whipping out signs I didn't even know she knew.

First, we'd stopped at a restaurant for dinner. She had an eye doctor appt this afternoon and by the time we got finished it was past dinnertime. Plus I didn't feel like cooking. LOL!
As we sat at the table eating mac and cheese, she was gazing out the window at traffic. I asked if she was watching the cars go by.

Out of the blue she signed "cars". That's something she totally picked up from her DVD's. It's not a sign I use consistently at all. I was quite surprised.
There's a big fish tank at the doctor's office that captivates Mia. So as we're looking at it, I start showing her the sign for "fish". I remembered it from the Baby Signing Times DVD.

But before I did, she'd been doing this thing with both of her hands together. I didn't get what it was cuz the sign for fish is just using one hand. Or so I thought.
Later during her bath, after we got the important washing stuff done I asked if she wanted to swim like a fish. She started doing the same two handed sign she'd done at the doctor's office when she saw the fish tank.

And I realized.......  I hadn't shown her the sign for fish. She already knew it and was showing me. Well, her two handed version anyway. My smart girl!
And speaking of bath time, once we got home I told her she was going to take a bath. So she started signing "bath". But that one she's known for awhile.
I casually said "we need to wash your hair" cuz I'm constantly just chattering away at her. She then whipped out "wash hands". That one she'd never done before unless she was repeating it back to me after I'd done it first. I didn't realize she'd remembered the sign and knew how to use it in the context of a conversation.
I'm so proud of her. Every day she amazes me with how much she absorbs. Such a little sponge thirsty for knowledge. LOL!
And obviously these photos have nothing to do with this post. I took her to the park on Tuesday because it was almost 60 degrees out and sunny. In Ohio on the last day of January! Unbelievable.
At least it was when the plan was hatched. But by the time we got to swinging the wind started whipping ferociously and the temp dropped so we didn't stay long. Mia didn't seem to care. That girl loves to swing!