Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Itinerary

Weds May 18th - 6am flight to Dulles then on to Beijing at 12pm. My sister and I arrive in Beijing at 2:40pm on Thursday.

Fri, Sat and Sun we tour there. We're the only family in our travel group who chose to pre-trip. Which may actually turn out to be okay. We'll have more flexibility about what we want to do  and see.

Mon May 23rd - fly to Guangzhou awaiting the arrival of my adoption agency's main travel group who arrive at 6:30am on Tuesday the 24th.

Weds May 25th - fly to Nanchang and if all goes as planned meet Mia!!

Tues May 31st - fly back to Guangzhou.

Sat June 4th - leave Guangzhou to Beijing to Chicago to home. Arriving at 8:53pm Sat night. With the time difference we'll travel 12 hours back in time.  Unfortunately, it won't feel like we gained 12 hours to our bodies. We can't trick them. They'll know we've been traveling for 24 solid hours.

There will be friends and family meeting us at the airport to welcome us home. For those local, come on out if you'd like to join them. But be warned...we'll probably look pretty rough and we may even smell a little. LOL! We'll run the gauntlet of well wishers, say hellos, give some hugs and then be on our way. The party will NOT continue at my house. Just saying. I'm pretty sure I'll be exhausted at that point....and need a few days to recover.


Abby's Mom said...

YAY! :)

GGHadden said...

Safe travels.....will be following along :)

Gail said...

Godspeed. Good idea about the party NOT continuing at your home. You all will be exhausted. Plus Mia will not know home as Home...not yet anyway! Enjoy. Looking forward to FINALLY seeing MIA in your arms!!

Sam said...

YAY!!! I will be stalking you! So what is your flight info for your return? Time? Airline?


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