Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Baby Shower

Saturday May 7th was the baby shower for my family. It was small and intimate. Just my cousins, sister, aunt and uncle, a close friend and her daughter. Very sweet.
We had cupcakes instead of a cake. The green were called "Merry Margarita". They were delish!
The room was decorated in my two favorite colors.. hot pink and lime green. Just stating the obvious. LOL!
These were cute little polka dotted Chinese take out favor boxes. The card is a link to this travel blog.
This is my cousin, Lisa. She was the shower hostess. 
(Check it out, Lisa... you're on the blog!!)
Funny bib. Chinese take out.
I love this little pink and green swimming suit with cherries on it. My sister got it for me. It's going to China with us.
This is my friend's daughter also named Mia. She was adopted from Guatemala. We're raising our Mia's as single moms of only children. So her Mia is excited to be getting a little Chinese "sister".
It's so surreal to realize the next family get together my Mia will finally be here. After all these years of them asking "have you heard anything?" Mia will finally take her place in this group. I can't wait.

Thanks for a great shower, Lisa! I appreciate all the hard work you put in it. I had a blast!


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