Friday, May 13, 2011

Almost Right...

On the day of my referral call when I found out Mia's birthday, I mentioned the significance of my trip to Florida. It was my babymoon. The very last vacation I would ever take as a single carefree woman with nothing but freedom to do as she pleased. It was wonderful!
I spent a week in a cute pink house right on the beach with my sister and a couple girlfriends. It was our week of doing absolutely nothing. No schedules. No make up. No sightseeing. No plan. Just pure relaxation. Lots of swimming in the ocean, enjoying cocktails, soaking up the sun, taking naps, reading books, watching movies, and talking. Lots of talking.

But I also spent a lot of time in my own head. I sat by the waves and thought about my daughter. I imagined our life together. I acknowledged all my hopes and dreams for her. I wondered what she'd look like. I dreamed of a day when I'd bring her to the beach and introduce her to the ocean. I reflected on the last 5 years of this wait. I made peace with the knowledge that my life as I'd once known was coming to an end. But I was beginning a whole new and exciting chapter. I just spent a lot of time with my daughter.
And something changed in me that week. I can't even begin to explain it. Because it defies explanation. It's just something I felt in my heart. A connection like I'd never felt before. A sense of peace. A sense of knowing. I had a very strong feeling she was born during my time in Florida. I said it out loud that week. And I said it a few times to others between last October and the day I found out Mia's birthday.

I was in Florida from Sept 29 through October 2nd, 2010. 
Mia was born October 9th, 2010.
I was pretty dang close. But my mom reminded me that I was born two weeks after my due date. So she's convinced my girl is like her momma. Always a little late to the party. And she was actually supposed to be born the week before...and that's why I felt her coming. Maybe. Who knows....


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