Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is where we went today. Another gorgeous place in Nanchang, China.
My easy, happy girl is teething so she's been showing me glimpses of her spicy temper. She has two uppers and two lowers all coming in at the same time. She likes to chew on the Ergo.

I still can't complain. She's a good baby. Even when she's grumpy.

This is Mimi. She's the 8 yr old daughter of one of my travel mates. One of my other travel mates has a 2 yr old named Jackson. He's been very ill the last 2 days with a bad stomach bug and ended up making a trip to the hospital. Say some prayers and send some positive get well wishes for the little guy. He's pretty miserable.

This is the restaurant we ate at today. I have to say... the food in Nanchang is much much better than what we had in Beijing.
Our group meals are all served family style and you just choose whatever you like.

There was a wedding reception at the restaurant during our lunch so they were setting off massive amounts of firecrackers for good luck.
Our guides, Sissi and Grace, are absolutely wonderful. They take such good care of us. The baby in yellow is Maya and the other is Mei-Lin, Mimi's baby sister.. All these "M" names. LOL! Their other China sister, Eliza, was back at the hotel with sick big brother, Jackson.
We're staying in the Galactic Peace Hotel. I wonder how they came up with that name. Maybe the owner was a science fiction fan?
This is our room before. I'm not sure we'll show you the after. It's hard to live out of a suitcase for 6 days in a little room with a baby. This place is a mess.

This crazy looking fish tank was at the restaurant we had lunch at yesterday.
Yesterday's lunch. An interesting mix of things. But very good.
They very rarely have utensils other than chopsticks. But I've actually gotten pretty good at eating with them. Then add in the active baby on my lap. You see that blur of arms. That's pretty normal. My girl likes to party. I'm pretty impressed with myself for mastering this feat.
Don't let this innocent face fool you.
Mia was checking out her photo book. I'm hoping she recognizes some of the faces of her family when we get home.
She likes looking at her dog. I'm not sure how much they'll like each other. I hope they'll become friends eventually.
Knocked out at the end of a hard day.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Never tire of the photos... so gorgeous...

LeeAnne OziMum said...

Gorgeous! Keep the photos coming!! They are all so beautiful!!! I'm sitting here with Tari on my lap - she said "baby has a pretty blanket!" ;)

kitchu said...

my God krista she is SO SO beautiful and you... wow. you just SHINE. and i have tears in my eyes every time i look at photos of the 2 of you together. i cannot WAIT for the day we finally meet up again, as parents :) we need to make that happen one day.

??? To Be said...

Pink Bows! and Oh! her chubby cheeky smile is beyond adorable! You must be beyond happy! I am so glad you finally got your Mia. :)

Eliza2006 said...

Boy, someone sure loved that baby of yours. She is content, happy and a cute little chub! I'm enjoying all of the pictures! Congrats a million times over. Mia is perfect!

China Dreams said...

I found you through "the other Mia's mom". Congratulations-your Mia is precious.


Debberoo said...

Love the way she is studying the photo album and love the way she is crashed out fast asleep! What a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Each of your posts makes me smile:). Continue to enjoy your time in China and bonding with your precious daughter

Sue E. from IL

Selkie Mom said...

Give your dog a few days and they will like each other. My dog gave me the silent treatment but now is back o being my best bud. He is very gentle with the baby.

Lesa said...

Oh my.... Mike and Wendy ate at that restaurant or one like it. What Province were you in? Were you in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province??? If so we were there when we got Evan.
Love looking at the photos.... brings back memories.

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