Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Day Is It?

None of us can remember which day it is or how long we've been here. The trip to China is absolutely fabulous...don't get me wrong. But it's a long trip. I'm ready to get my girl home and start our life together. 

Today started with some porcelain shopping. Jiangxi is known for it's porcelain. Some of the best in the world.
I set aside some money to buy a few nice pieces to pass down to Mia some day.
I found a gorgeous tea set with pink cherry blossoms. Which is exactly what I wanted since "Ying" means "cherry blossom". I also found a 100 girls vase. The vase depicts the 4 things every girl needs to do to grow up to be beautiful... learn how to play an instrument, learn to play chess....and I can't remember the rest. LOL! The vase is packed away otherwise I'd look. The pieces are beautiful, all hand painted and translucent if held up to the light. Definitely an investment but so worth it.
Then we got on the bus and headed to a temple. 
(I'm really bad with remembering the names of these places. I'll have to find out and add it later.)
But first we passed through the streets of Nanchang.

Mia napped while we checked the place out.

With Grace. Mia has decided it's okay to go to someone else for brief periods of time as long as she can keep me in sight.

The teeth are really bothering her. She's been chewing on stuff all day... including her hand.

We had another fabulous lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the Teng Wang Pavilion.
We didn't get to tour because it's all torn up around the place as they build the subway next to it.
The morning was a really nice time. Mia was really good. But when we got back to the room after lunch it was a whole other story.
I don't know exactly what it was. Generally, I can pick up on her cues. Not today. She went into full on meltdown. I know her schedule was off a little because she'd slept through the night after being given Tylenol for her teeth. Usually she wakes at 3am for a diaper change and bottle. But since she'd slept straight through, she woke a little earlier at 6am instead of her normal 7:30-8am. So everything was off all day. Bottles earlier. Naps earlier. This girl is all about her schedule thanks to the discipline of her foster mother. And when it's off.... apparently so is she.
She was completely inconsolable....and it lasted for several hours. Nothing I did worked. I think it was a combination of being overly tired, teething hard and maybe even a little grieving. I was ready to cry, too. It was a very difficult afternoon. The socks on her hands were to keep her from scratching herself. When she gets stressed or tired and is trying to keep herself awake, she scratches.
This was right before the BIG meltdown happened. The pic wasn't staged. The penguin stays in her crib. I handed it to her and this is how she fell asleep. She's just too cute for words.... even during the hard stuff.
Tomorrow I expect us to be offline. We're visiting the orphanage. We're also told we'll be able to meet the foster family. It's a 4 hour bus ride one way. I'm worried about how Mia will handle it after the day we've had. But I have to go. This is for her and it'll be a priceless treasure to have this info for her as she gets older. So say some prayers the bus ride goes smoothly, that Mia is back to her happy sunshiney disposition, and that seeing her foster family isn't a setback for us. I'm a bundle of nerves just thinking about it. Wish us luck.


chinabound07 said...

Looks like you are having the time of your life. Enjoy =) Thanks for sharing your trip and pictures =)

Johnny said...

Thumbs up!

KJS said...

Good luck tomorrow. I wish we had the chance to meet Livi's foster mother.

China Dreams said...

I'm glad she is back to her sunny self. Our first daughter was like that-you could honestly set a clock by her-it's just more important to some kids than others. And not a bad thing!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to motherhood! Meltdowns can occur for no apparent reason! Just allow them to happen and then they're fine. In the meantime try to keep your sanity. Lol!!! Hope tomorrow goes especially well for the 3 of you! Mia is going to have some special keepsakes. How thoughtful! Anxiously waiting for your safe return home!
Lisa B., Franklin, OH

kitchu said...

parenthood has it's ups and downs, and she is in a HUGE, massive adjustment period right now, so even though she has a natural happy disposition, she still has just left the people who loved and cared for her, and is with someone who speaks and smells differently, etc. so when the routine goes off it will trigger that grief. and that is NOT a bad thing- you will look back and realize how good it is, because it shows she was able to bond and therefore will be able to do it with you.

it will not be a setback to see her second family. it will probably be hard for her, but ultimately good for all of you in the long run. it will mean a lot to her when she looks back on those photos and memories when she is older, that is the hope anyway. and it will certainly mean so much to her foster family to see her with you :)

MotherMotherOcean said...

Hang in there honey. I bet she is in pain and not happy for anything. What a fun ride you will have tomorrow :) Bring lots to entertain her with. Zubin loved a pringles container with a toy in it. Do what works. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Adorable !!! We made the orphanage trip too in Dec 2005...It is worth it - soo worth it - she is little - hugs/food/diapers etc for the trip and she will be fine - tried maybe - but can sleep on mama...

K had the largest meltdown when we left the orphanage (lasted maybe 10 mins)-but after that - she never looked back...i did what you are doing - carried her EVERYWHERE - in a hip hammock - I truly think that made the diff.

Safe travels and thanks for sharing !
Carol in FL
(single mama to K - (she was 14 mths when she came 6.5) it goes so fast!
* it would not let me post with google sign on-chinazhoumom

Anonymous said...

Poor little lamb. Teething is yucky! Hannah is walking around with the very same hand in mouth look as she works through her 2yo molars.

Praying your day goes better tomorrow (today by now for you) as you travel to the orphanage. What a blessing it will be for you to visit the orphanage and more importantly meet Mia's foster parents! I've heard that this is a really beneficial thing to do as it allows her to bridge the people whom raised her for the first 7 months of her life with her new mommy. Seeing these people together, happy and interacting together should help Mia learn to trust you even more than she already does.

Praying for you today.


shelley said...

Prayers for a peaceful and fulfilling trip. Sorry you had such a rough day...I guess even Mia has to have a meltdown day...

chris said...

i'll be thinking of you today as you visit the orphanage. as hard as it is to see the conditions and poverty it is really important for you and will be for her too. i am getting ready to take my kids back next month - they are 6 and almost 9 . the visits to the orphanage are important to them but i am nervous too! mia sounds like she is doing all the normal stuff for a baby in transition. loving the photos and daily blogs.

Jenny V said...

Have been following you for YEARS and I am so happy you finally have your sweet girl in your arms! Congratulations!

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