Monday, May 2, 2011

Packing Mayhem

First off... still no Travel Approval. Not happy about that. Those of you who know me know I don't deal well with this lack of control. Yeah... go ahead and laugh. I'm aware my life is about to become one big "lack of control". I'm just really freaking out over not having plane tickets. I'm watching the prices go up by the day. I just want some finality there.

Instead I'm trying to get my packing done. Lists have been made. Items bought. Things sorted. Some things will come at my baby showers but I'm probably about 90% there already.
Mia's clothes. Well, this is harder. I want to take everything. I can't wait to see her in these cute little hair bows and all the adorable stuff I've collected over the years. But I have it narrowed down. As you can see, the common theme is hot pink. It's mommy's favorite color. And if I coordinate it all, then I can mix and match if the size is off. Or if there are massive spit ups. Which I know will happen. Of course, one of her first outfits has to have a penguin on it. That's a gimme, right?
I know Cheerios are like the holy grail of China adoption. But I'm wondering if she's too young for them? She'll be 7 1/2 months old when we meet. According to the paperwork I have now, she doesn't have any teeth. She might have by then though. I do have a couple of the melt in your mouth puff things for her. What do y'all think? Cheerios or not?


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