Monday, November 28, 2011

6 Months Later

Mia's cousin, Tatum, spent a few days with us over the holiday weekend. I've said it before but Mia adores her cousins and they her. She was in an especially happy, silly mood all weekend just because Tatum was here. It didn't take much for these two to get going being goofy as you can see.
I found this video from back in June just after we'd gotten home from China. It reminded me that my girl has always been in a pretty good mood. I can't believe how much she's changed in just 6 short months. This chubby, Buddha belly girl has stretched 2 inches in height and lost some of those rolls. My baby looks more like a toddler every day....

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is my first Thanksgiving as a mom. Of course, that is the thing I'm most thankful for. 
My daughter.
I'm thankful that she's healthy, happy, smart, strong and beautiful.

I'm thankful that she was so young when I met her. Because of that I get to witness so many of her milestones. Rolling over, sitting up, standing, learning to talk, walking. I got to celebrate her first birthday. I'm so so so thankful for these things.

I'm thankful that our attachment is going so well. Again a blessing that she was so young. I recognize that makes it a little easier for us.

I'm thankful that she loves to sleep almost more than she loves to eat.

I'm thankful that I start every day walking into her room to be greeted by her mega watt smile. And I end every day with her soft, warm little body snuggled into my chest.

I'm thankful that the universe guided China's hand to choose her file to be matched with mine.

I'm thankful to her birthmother for carrying her for 9 months and bringing her into this world. 

I'm thankful to her foster family for caring for her, feeding her and loving her for the first 7 months of her life.

I'm thankful not only that I get to be a mom. But that I get to be a mom to THIS girl.

I'm forever grateful for my
Mia Renee Ying

Friday, November 18, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

This was taken by Mia's uncle over the summer. The beautiful dress was a gift from one of the nicest bloggers I've never met, Lisa, at "The Long Road to China.. and back". But someday we'll share a cocktail together. I'm sure of it. :)

Happy Weekend!
the long road

Monday, November 14, 2011


The last 2 weeks have been rough. Sick, sick and more sick is what's been going on here. Mia had a little cold on Halloween that got worse after being out in the chill. So we fought the runny nose and mild cough all week. 
On Fri the 4th she had her 12 month check up and got 2 immunizations. She did great during the shots. Not even one tear. Although I think she balled up her fist with the intention of knocking the nurse out. LOL!
That weekend was spent housebound hanging out in our sweats. Not sure if it was the vaccinations, a new tooth trying to pop through, or the resurgence of her cold but it was a bad weekend. Let's just say we had major diaper issues that even required the crib to be stripped one day. And yes... her beautiful bedding washed up just fine.
By the first of the week she had an awful diaper rash. Absolutely horrible. I had to pull out the Lotrimin. As soon as that cleared up, she got an eye infection that lasted until the next weekend.
And then on Friday she started running a fever that again kept us housebound all weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday we alternated Tylenol and Motrin all day just to keep her fever in check.
Saturday night momma got 3 hrs sleep as Mia tossed and turned, coughed and fevered. I ran a humidifier in her room Sunday night. I'm not sure if that did it. But very early Monday morning... like 3:30am early... her fever finally broke.
And she woke up seemingly as good as new. No real coughing Sunday overnight. No snotty nose to greet me when I went to get her that morning. So ...knock on wood... hopefully that's behind us.
In spite of all of her illnesses the last couple weeks, her mood never really changed much. She had moments of being tired and cranky. But in the midst of fevers, bad diaper rashes, tummy troubles and congestion... she still laughed and played like normal most of the time.
Oh and at her check up she weighed 24 lbs. Which is exactly the same as what she weighed in July. So no weight gain in 4 months. But she's stretched out and has gone from 28 to 30 inches tall. She went from the 99th percentile in weight and 65th percentile in height on the American growth charts to 85th and 68th. Obviously, the doc isn't concerned about the no weight gain since she's actually the size of most 18 mth olds already. LOL!
In fact, just in the last week her 18 mth shirts are starting to get a little snug. So I think we're gonna be moving up to 18-24 mth size shirts soon. She fits the 18 mths pant still but could probably safely go to 24 mth soon there, too. The problem is that they're too long though.  
Cross your fingers that this week we stay healthy. Mia has professional pics scheduled for Friday that we've already re-scheduled once because of the sickness. I really want us to make this appointment. We're taking pics for the Christmas card!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Signing

Mia's favorite favorite favorite song of all that we sing is Itsy Bitsy Spider. She's even learned the hand motions. Well, her own interpretation anyway. I took some video this morning while we were eating breakfast. Forgive my off key singing voice. LOL!

She's also gotten really consistent with her signs. Again she's interpreted them in her own fashion. But I know what they are.

Her "more" is to clap her hands together. Her "eat" is to tap her index finger to her mouth. "Drink" is banging her fist against her mouth. Normally. But you'll see in the video she confuses her "eat" when she's actually asking for a drink. At the end you'll hear me ask if she's "all done". Her sign for that is to twist her hand back and forth.
My girl is so smart! I can't tell you how much I love the signing. I know it helps cut down her frustration when she can communicate her needs to me.

We're learning new ones all the time and I expect her vocabulary to continue to grow now that she's finally getting that control over her hands that she'd been lacking up until the last month or so. 

If you're thinking of trying sign with your baby... I say do it!! And start immediately. I started with Mia in China when she was 7 1/2 mths old. However, she didn't start using them really consistently and accurately until about 4 months later. So stick with it. They'll eventually come.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mia's First Halloween

For those that used to read my old blog, you might remember last year when I bought this penguin costume at an after Halloween clearance sale. At the time, I knew there would be a Mia before the next Halloween. But I had no idea how old she would be so I totally guessed on the size. 
Luckily, I guessed right.
 This is our motley cousin crew of trick-or-treaters. The 3 youngest T's and Braeden. The oldest 2 T's are way too cool to go out with us. Choosing their friends instead.
Tess is a princess ballerina who refused to wear her tiara. Teagan is Ironman's sidekick (have no idea his name) but forgot his mask. Tatum is a vampire. And Braeden is Darth Maul.
Mia's trick-or-treat pumpkin bag is almost as big as she is. But she didn't seem to mind.
For years, we've gone out in my sister's neighborhood. But last year, the pickin's were slim. Just not many people participating. So this year, we all got in our cars and ventured out to someplace new. It was a pretty good choice.
So about this Darth Maul costume. The very top is a rubber cap type thing. But my sister-in-law actually painted the face on my nephew. It was pretty awesome.

At one point in our travels, another group was walking towards us on the sidewalk and Braeden actually gasped a little and said in a hushed tone "There's Darth Vader." I guess that's an enemy of Darth Maul. Let me just tell you... it was funny.
Since Mia isn't walking yet, she got an assist from Tatum in the candy gathering. She didn't get much. Most houses had steps and other obstacles that were not stroller friendly so she was more of an active observer. Which is good since I would have just eaten all of her candy anyway. LOL!
About halfway through the night, I had to recline my sleepy penguin cuz she started nodding off.
That 7 o'clock bedtime did her in. She was so worn out I got her all the way upstairs and she didn't even move.
After five Halloweens spent wishing, waiting, hoping and imagining... I finally have my own little trick-or-treater. I can't even describe how surreal it was. And a little overwhelming.
My heart goes out to all those still waiting and wishing. Hang in there. This is the proof that if you're strong and very patient.... dreams really do come true. Eventually.