Sunday, October 7, 2012

Missing My Boy

It's been 4 weeks since I had to say good-bye to my furry little soul mate.
Getting used to his absence has been really difficult. Some days there are still tears.
As I carry laundry up from the basement, I still expect to see him waiting for me at the top of the stairs... like he always did.
I still wait for him to come running to the kitchen when I open a bag of shredded cheese... like he always did.
I still slowly get out of bed when the alarm goes off so that I don't startle him sleeping peacefully at the foot of my bed... like he always did.
I still glance over at the couch expecting to see him sleeping on the back of it... like he always did.
He's just always been around. My nieces and nephews have grown up with him.
He's been camping with the family and has gone on a few road trips. In 2010, we drove all the way to Florida together.
He was included in our annual Christmas penguin pj's photoshoots.
And one year he even got his own photo with the big guy.
I'm sure there will be sadness when I pull out the Christmas decor this year.
He was my constant companion for twelve years.
My first baby.
My snuggler.
My spooner.
Then Mia came and our lives really changed. This was our first day home and his expression seems to be saying "Are you sure about this?"
But it didn't take long for Griffey to accept her into our family.
And then he was always with her.
Never that far away... but far enough to be out of reach. LOL!
Hovering and hoping for a dropped Cheerio.
I love how he photo-bombed this present opening shot. I found this on my computer when I was organizing old photos of him and it made me laugh.
He was right there in the mix to help celebrate Mia's first birthday with everyone.
I'm glad they had a little over a year together. I wish it could've been longer. But I'm grateful they knew each other. I'll hold those memories close.
I'll probably look for him in all his familiar places for awhile still yet.
And I'll love him.... and miss him always.
Or at least until we meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.
July 1, 2000 - Sept 7, 2012