Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Struggling With Sleep

We're still trying to adjust to the time zone difference and struggling with sleep issues. Well, mommy's not. I have no problem sleeping. But Mia is all over the place with sleeping. Some days she sleeps too much. Others not enough. I'm trying to get her days and nights straightened out because right now my really good sleeper that I met in China... has left the building.

Today I decided to wake her up at 8:30am and force her into a routine. It basically worked except the last couple hours of the day were rough. She wanted to zonk out at 6pm. I had to fight hard to keep her awake. We did some serious playing. Her favorite game is to knock over the stacking cups. I keep moving them a little out of her reach and making her find a way to get to them. She'll be crawling soon. She's already starting to scoot a little and has learned that rolling will move her from place to place.

Excuse the drool. She's teething. You can see the top two coming in when she smiles real big. She also has a couple popping through on the bottom. 
Aunt Carla came for a visit about 7pm and brought Tatum and Teagan. They helped keep her awake that last hour. The kids already adore her and I can see the feeling will be mutual. She has a 5 person entertainment committee at the T's house. She's not sitting up on her own yet so I got her a Bumbo seat the other day. She gets frustrated with always laying on the floor to play so this helps break up the routine a little. She loves it.
She was comatose by jammie time and couldn't even finish her bottle completely before falling asleep. Unfortunately, as soon as I put her in the crib she starts this waking up every 10-15 minutes or so routine. Most times she's not even fully awake...just bellyaching. I'll give her a minute or so to see if she settles on her own. If not, I go in, pat her back, pop her binky back in her mouth. If she's really thrashing around I'll rock her a bit more.

She slept wonderfully in the cribs in China. I'm hoping to continue that. I've put her in bed with me a few times if that's what was needed for momma and Mia to both get more sleep. I'll continue to try the crib though. It's still early. We've only been home a few days. Everything is an adjustment. If she does just fine with the crib, she'll stay there. If we get to a point where I don't think it's working, we'll co-sleep. I'm not completely stuck on either way.

She's been in bed since 8pm. I've rocked her back to sleep twice and had to go in and pat her or replace the binky twice, too. We'll see how she does tonight... but I'm hoping for good things. I want my good sleeper back.


Michelle said...

I just love her. She brings a smile to my face. Sending good sleepy thoughts your way!

Lindsay said...

Hope you get a good sleep soon - I know how frustrating that is. Sofia did the 15 mintue wake ups with grumbling too. That was hard. Wishing you all a good night sleep!

Coley said...

Thinking of you guys!! This has been like a whirlwind!! So quick from referral to home with baby!! I love it!!

Kayce said...

Been thinking of you lots these last few days. Sleeplessness is tough! It's been a struggle for us since day one, in fact I've been working on a post that I'm hoping to get up on Friday. Hang in there and do what works for both of you to get some shut eye. Hugs to you my friend!

Lynne said...

Took us a full two weeks to completely reverse the days and nights properly. I lost 10 pounds being up all night! It is exhausting, but rest assured your good sleeper will eventually return!

KJS said...

Good luck. I know, sleep deprivation is the worst.

Aus said...

Sleeping - that's one issue we've had problems with for all 3 of our adopteds....but I promise - even if it takes a year or so of co-sleeping - it'll eventually resolve!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

IT does get better--try to get her out in the sun and fresh air as much as possible -- something about that worked wonders for both our kids

Robin said...

We are in the same boat with Eliza! Perfect sleeper in China but she definitely thinks night is day and day is night. We are 1 day ahead of you (and 3 hours closer to China) and had our first pretty good night last night. She went to sleep at 7, woke up at 10 looking for a bottle but I gave her the paci and rubbed her until she fell back to sleep. Woke up at 1am and I gave her a bottle (which I am hoping to do away with week 2) and is still sleeping soundly at 7:30am. So basically, she was only up 1x last night which is so much better than sitting on the couch with both Eliza and Jackson playing from 2 - 5am. We are all starting to get back on track. Kisses to Mia from all of us and especially Eliza. xox R.

April Z said...

Hi - I think I found your blog on Rumor Queen and I've been following ever since you got your referral. I loved reading about your trip to China and seeing all the pictures of Mia! She's just adorable!! We came home with our daughter last September and I can really sympathize with you over the sleep issues. Our first 5-7 days home were very rough and it gradually got better. Our daughter still sleeps in a pack-n-play in our room, but she sleeps through the night. I hope Mia starts sleeping well for you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, first I have to say that I just love your blog. You are a great writer!
I also have a Tonggu girl who has turned four years old now. Like all four years old she knows everything...even things she has never tried.
When we got her we were told that she had never slept in a crib though she had been co-sleeping with her foster parents. We let her go on co-sleeping with us after we got home and after a couple of weeks she seemed to feel safe enough to sleep alone in her crib.
Good luck and hope you both will get a full night sleep soon.
Jenny, Sweden

Laurie said...

That first week home is so brutal...I don't even know how you are posting!

Still working on sleep here and we've been home for almost 8 weeks! I know you have a beautiful nursery, but I'd move her crib in your room for now-she'll sometimes wake and see you and be able to go back to sleep or you can just put your hand through the crib and comfort her. Just my 2cents :)

Patricia/NYC said...

Hang in there...sleeping is the toughest issue...try to get her out in the daylight as much as possible - that will do wonders to reset her internal clock.

My daughter is 6 1/2 (we adopted her at 10 months) & she still has sleep issues...BUT...she is attached very well & I attribute that to attending to her sleeping needs, just as you are doing. Hang in there!! You'll get through it! :)

So glad to see you all home & HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

Loved following your journey in China. Mia is so beautiful - love her smiles! For the first year or so, our kids napped twice a day, then the next few years, they went down to one nap. Is Mia napping 1 or 2x a day?

Abby's Mom said...

Dear Gosh she is so cute. I don't know how you can't squeeze her all day :) Love the video with the T's. You can tell she just wants to get up and play with them so bad :) Love her grins and laughs too. Goodness I am just so happy for you. You guys will get your groove but oh how I remember those first few days. If my sister hadn't stayed with us I don't know what I would have done. Get some rest!

Anonymous said...

your neice and nephew are adorable with Mia. I love how he kisses on her and loves her. What adorable videos.

Sue from IL

Catherine said...

Miss Mia is just too cute for words! Love to hear her happy little voice, and Mommy's happy voice too. Ah yes, this is what you've waited for.

Like you I found that Hannah sleeps better when she's in with Mommy. In the beginning I did what you did and shared time between her crib and my bed and then about 10 months home she decided Mommy's bed fulltime was best and that's where she remains. I love having her close, knowing she's ok and feeling her little hands on my arm or back. We both sleep better.

I hope you're able to find something that works for the 2 of you.

So, so happy for you friend!


The Fabulous Us ! said...

It took us 2 weeks to get the sleeping thing down. *DD turned 8 months while in China*. I know you want to keep her awake so she will sleep at nite but if she is wiped at 6 try and put her down in bed before she is overtired. I find with my 9 month old now if I force her to stay awake, she sleeps worse :) It will pass, she is still so young.
Good luck and Congrats ! Mia is gorgeous :)

Suz said...

Welcome home! It's been so much fun to follow your journey - hang on, the fun is just beginning! The time zone thing is so hard (our daughter was 9 months when we came home), the one thing my Chinese sis-in-law who flies back and forth with my nieces all the time, suggested was as much time outside in the sun as we could squeeze in weather permitting every day. It worked like a charm - there will be a point you will be willing to try anything, so just FYI. Enjoy every minute, it's so worth the wait!

China Dreams said...

Love the videos. It took us almost three weeks to change time zones, I think. On the crib, is it hard enough? Is it dark enough in her room? Just a couple of thoughts.


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