Friday, June 3, 2011

Coming Home

I love China with all my heart and soul. I've enjoyed my time here more than I ever could have imagined I would. China gave me the most precious gift and I'll be forever grateful. But I'm ready to bring my baby girl home. I'm ready to introduce her to all the friends and family who also waited five years for her.
At 11am Saturday morning China time (11pm Friday night Ohio time) we're boarding the first of three flights which will eventually bring us home. We fly to Beijing then to Chicago (where Mia officially becomes an American citizen) and then we land at Dayton International Airport. 

We'll be on United Airlines Flight 3355 landing at 8:53pm Saturday night. 

We basically travel back in time 12 hours because of the time difference. But to our bodies who will still be programmed to China time it'll be 8:53am the next day. So it'll feel like 24 solid hours of traveling. Because we leave for the airport at 8:30am Saturday morning. Ugh! I've been dreading this day. I'm sure that in addition to feeling like crap...we'll look and smell like it, too.

I'm so happy to see my friends and family. We've missed you all so much. But I'm so worried about how Mia will do on the airplanes. Say some prayers that we get home safely with no meltdowns for Mia... or the grown ups for that matter. LOL! Okay...maybe that's asking too much. How about we hope for just minor quickly and easily reversed meltdowns? I'll be happy with that. Say some prayers our luggage follows us all the way home and with everything in one piece. 

We invite anyone who wants to welcome us home to come out to the airport. We'll run the gauntlet of well wishers, give hugs, say hello's, introduce you to the star.... but then we're heading home. I'm sure we'll be massively exhausted and in dire need of showers. So no partying that night.

For those that do come out to welcome us home, please take photos for Mia's memory book. My sister will be too busy hugging her kids to have the camera in her hand. 

Thanks for all the support while we've been here. Reading all the comments helped keep us connected to everyone back home. We'll see you soon. We can't wait to finally bring Mia home!


Tonya said...

Sending prayers your way for safe/smooth travels. I have done it twice...once with a 7 month old (Janie) and then a little over a year later with Janie again (at 21 months old) AND Lexie (who was 10 months old). I think if I can survive travel from Taiwan to Atlanta with a 21 month old and a 10 month old, I can do anything.

You will be fine. Remember every moment is one moment closer to home. Take care!!

Colleen said...

I wish I could be there to greet you but I live in New England. Have a good and safe trip back and I will keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Blessings for a safe and uneventful journey. For both of our trips, the flight home seemed soooo much longer than the flights to China. Daughter #1 never slept on the plane ride home - it was miserable. Daughter #2 slept the whole way home. You just never know!

Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us - it is so much fun to remember our trips with "Uncle Norman" and my girls (now 11 & 8) have had fun checking out your pictures.

And by the way - I lived in Dayton in the early '70s!

Michelle in California with her 2 Norman girls

dawn said...

Happy, meltdown free travels. So happy you guys are on your way...woot woot

kitchu said...

yay! safe and smooth travel wishes :)

Michael and Tammy said...

Wishing you safe and non-eventful trip home!!! I have sooo enjoyed reading your blog - it has made me even more excited about our trip to China to meet our Mhyia one day - hopefully soon!!
Goodluck over the next couple of days and I look forward to reading more once you are settled!

Catherine said...

You're on your way home with your sweet, sweet Mia in your arms!!! Oh how I wish I could be at the airport to welcome you home!

Please be assured of my prayers for you and Mia both now and as you settle into your wonderful new normal.

Love, Catherine

AandAsMama said...

Sending lots go good happy baby energy for you guys for the plane rides. I hope your very long day goes more quickly and easily then expected.


Anonymous said...

And so begins the rest of your lives together as a family!

Welcome Home Krista & Mia...

(blogger won't let me log in again!)

Anonymous said...

Alicia in DC said ...

You've landed in Ohio by now! Wish I could be there to welcome you home with your most adorable daughter. What a treat to see her smiling face day after day and hear her delighted giggle.

I'll be thinking of you as you settle into your life together and looking forward to meeting Mia in person some day at a family reunion. My love to you both, and to Carla for documenting it all so beautifully.

chris said...

off topic- i am leaving for china in 2 weeks. i heard that blogger is blocked. how did you post photos and your blog from china? you can email me prvt if you have time
cbcnm at
thanks and congrats.

Jeana said...

I hope you had a great trip home. Oh, it is a long one!!! Mia is absolutely precious! Congratulations!
Jeana in Illinois

Robin said...

Welcome home krista, Carla and Mia! Hope you survive the jet lag better than we are -- no one is sleeping in our house ( at night). We miss you guys and can't wait to catch up when we all get settled. J is doing much better. And E, aside from not sleeping, is adjusting really well. She was scared of the dogs day 1 but day 2 she couldn't keep her hands off our golden retriever. Doesn't take long.... Talk to you very soon. Hope the trip was smooth and uneventful. Love to everyone. Robin

Aus said...

Welcome home!! By now you've had a chance to sleep in YOUR OWN bed - ain't nothing like it!!

It seems your trip was a grand one - one for the books as they say! And yeah - one doesn't eat a Lucy's for the food (well - the fries are GREAT - and the TsingDao is the coldest in China!!) but it is a treat to go there with older kids - you can sit on the patio and the kids can run a bit while you rest!

If you find yourself in Cincy for anything don't hesitate to call - and we have a pretty active FCC group down here as well - maybe see you at one or the other events?

hugs - aus and co.

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