Friday, June 17, 2011

Mia and her T's

Those of you who migrated over from the other blog have heard me speak of the T's many times over the years. But for those who don't know... these are my sister's 5 kids. All of their names begin with the letter T.... hence the nickname of "the T's". They range in age from 14 to almost 3.

It's crazy to think we waited for Mia for more than half Tatum's life. Teagan for most of his since he's only 6. And Tess... wasn't even thought of when the wait for Mia began. They're all very excited about the addition of their new cousin.

Mia and I went over to hang out with them yesterday. The kids are thrilled just to be near her. They all want to hold her and love on her. I had to remind them several times to go slow and not overwhelm her. But I can see Mia's gonna love them as much as they already love her.

The video is of the three youngest T's mentioned above who insisted Mia should check out their swing set.


wzgirl said...

Oh how she loves big girl Tatum! All's I can think is...she's going to sleep really good tonight! Yay for big cousins!

Ang said...


Also loved the questions "Does the wind blow in China?" and "How hard does it blow?" Kids have the best questions sometimes.

Mia is so lucky to have the T's to grow up with.

shelley said...

wow....your munchkin doesn't need any words to tell you to get that swing going does she.....too precious for words.

Traci said...

I still can't hardly believe that you're finally home. So happy for you all! The T's are adorable! Pool and backyard are ready. Let's set a date. I really look forward to seeing you both again.


Anonymous said...

Ellie is laughing like crazy over your lil' Mia on the swing! She is also kissing the screen! Can't blame her- Mia is absolute sweetness!
Shannon S.

Aus said...

Cousins are cool - like built in playmates!

hugs - aus and co.

Miche said...

Oh I LOVE seeing her with the T's, how super special to see the cousins together at last! Huge hugs :)

China Dreams said...

Didn't take her long to catch on and have fun, did it? Great that she has so many willing helpers.


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