Thursday, June 2, 2011

Medical Exam

Let me just start off by saying ...anyone looking for a place to stay in Guangzhou I highly recommend the China Hotel. In spite of the bed mix up, they're absolutely wonderful. We've stayed in "5 star hotels" in 3 different cities in China now and so far the others don't hold a candle to this one.

The beds are so incredibly comfortable. In Beijing they were rock hard. Literally. When you put your knee on the bed, you expect it to give. You know..sink down in it some. Nope. It was like putting your knee on a park bench. Horrible.

The breakfast buffet here is outstanding. A big variety of both western and Chinese foods. The fresh pineapple this morning was to die for. Plus there's a McDonald's across the driveway, a Starbucks inside the hotel and a 7-11 out the side door.

A lot of people make a big deal about staying "on the island". But's no big deal. There's a taxi stand right outside the lobby with taxis continuously arriving. A quick 10 minute ride and $17 yuan (less than $3 USD) and you're on the island. Super easy.

Yesterday we left early for Shamian Island to have our medical exams and take the babies visa photos. My supermodel baby took a gorgeous pic. I'll have to post it when we get her visa.  
Over the last 5 years of waiting, I've seen so many other people with these same photos in this same building. It was surreal to be standing there myself. It was like an oven inside. The temps have been 95 degrees during the day. And the humidity...whew! I thought Florida was humid. This is way way way worse.
Mia was talking to her big sister Eliza and her mommy, Robin. I say "big" because Eliza's a few weeks older than Mia. But look at that size difference. LOL!
Mia likes to suck her thumb and since she's teething she's been really gnawing on anything she can get in her mouth..including her hand.

She was in a happy mood to start the day but that quickly changed once she got a look at the Chinese nurses in their white lab coats and surgical masks. Her bottom lip started to quiver, big crocodile tears formed and the wailing started. She was terrified.
I should've listened to those measurements when I got my update after the referral. I found it so hard to believe that a 7 month old baby could be 22 lbs. I was wrong. In fact, she's actually 10.26 kg now. Which is almost 23 lbs!! Our guide said the nurses kept saying "That's a HUGE baby." LOL! 

When reading through her journal book, I found her foster mother overfed her. Which I appreciate considering the opposite could've happened. Especially considering she had 2 other babies the same age in the household, too. But she was giving her 4 ten ounce bottles of formula AND rice a day. Which explains her Buddha belly and chunky thighs. Needless to say, I'll be pulling her 18 mth clothes out when I get home.
Part of why she was so pissed off was because the exam happened during bottle time. She's very scheduled and will let you know (loudly) that she expects to be fed every 4 hours. Like clockwork.
After the exam, we walked around the island and did a little bit of shopping. These two are Mimi and Bethany. They're 2 years apart in age but it doesn't seem to matter. The third BFF is Grace but she wasn't with us this morning.

This bronze statue represents the evolution of the Chinese woman. 
The island is beautiful. Looks a lot like New Orleans or Savannah, Georgia.
That evening we took a dinner cruise on the Pearl River.

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this girl.


Lindsay said...

You look so good together :) I can't believe Mia is bigger and heavier than my 16 month old! She looks so healthy and so beautiful!

Aus said...

Well good morning - or more correctly - good night your time! Glad that you are enjoying the time in GZ - we enjoyed the island as well - but preferred the victory over the white swan...and on our last trip stayed in GZ proper as well - doing the same cab thing! Glad the medical is over for you as well - that was always a relief and for us kind of signaled the beginning of the 'home stretch'!!

And GZ is almost exactly the same lattitude as Key West Fla - when it gets that hot just think Jimmy Buffett - not that you could find a margarita - but it helped me! ;)

And it's very cool to hear you describe how you and your daughter are 'learning' each other - from my chair it's OK to loose the battle sometimes (the flight) - and you still win the war!! (she calmed down!)

And looking at the pic - naw - you can't see the love showing - nope - not a bit! ;)

Great stuff - looking forward to the rest of your journey!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the love you feel for Mia absolutely amazing?!!! So strong! Unlike any other for sure. So thankful you are finally together....forever!!!


Donna said...

Wow, 22lbs? My Lauren is 28lbs at 4 years old!

It's such a flashback to see your pics.of the island. We loved it there and have such amazing memories. Soak it all in!

Beautiful pic of the two of you at the dinner cruise. You make a beautiful pair!

chris said...

you look like you are loving china and loving motherhood!

kitchu said...

my almost 4 year old (at the time of adoption) only weight FIVE POUNDS MORE!! you both look so happy together and this post brought back memories, though when we were getting the medical exam you couldn't SEE for the throngs of people that were there. it was so over crowded... it looks empty from these photos!

Colleen said...

aw, poor scary medical exam. And I absolutely love that picture of the two of you!

Anonymous said...

enjoying following along ... nice pictures ... aren't you glad the medical exam day is over? - Tonggu Mamma's Husband

K! said...

She's built like my nephew was. He was 10.7 at birth. He's 6'5 at age 15. Hopefully she won't follow that pattern!!

China Dreams said...

How could you not love her? She's got chubby cheeks, chubby legs, a BIG smile and even bigger personality! What a precious gift you've been given. Enjoy every second,

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