Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Good To Be Home...

We said good-bye to our guides, Martin and Grace, at 830am Saturday morning at the China Hotel and headed to the Guangzhou Airport for our 11am flight home.
We got ourselves checked in and made it through our first connection to Beijing with no problems. Mia slept nearly the entire 3 hour flight since we timed her mid-morning bottle to be had right at take-off.
She charmed the flight attendants on our Beijing to Chicago leg so much they gave her a set of wings to pin on her Ergo. That one lasted just over 12 hours. She again slept for 80% of it. Momma however got very little sleep since my 23 lb baby was too big for the bassinet. That means me or Aunt Carla had to hold her the entire flight. Not very comfortable but I was willing to do whatever it took to keep her quiet. She did so well that as we were leaving one of the first class flight attendants said she didn't even realize there was a baby on board. Proud momma.

For 5 years I've been stressed over that long flight home with a baby ...but my girl surprised me. Mia was such a trooper. She traveled like a dream. Not a peep from her as I marched her in the Ergo through airports. Even when we were both sweating our butts off. Did just fine through every security check when I had to take her out and hand her to an officer to be patted down. Charmed the Chicago customs officer with her smile which got us escorted to the shorter, faster "diplomat" line. Still had a big cheesy happy grin as we were about to board our last flight home nearly 24 hours after we started our day.

Mia hated the pacifier when we were in China. But I tried it again on the flight in the hopes it would help with the pressure in her ears. She's decided it's her new best friend. Now I have a binky baby. But I don't mind.
Finally! Finally... landed at our home airport and walking out to see the family. Momma a little worse for wear, very exhausted and a little stinky. But so very happy to be done with the flying.
Meanwhile, the star of the show was taking another nap.
Our welcoming party. I was so happy to see this! And so relieved to be home.
My sunshine girl did just fine in her car seat. I swear this girl just rolls with it as long as momma is near.
And now sheer devastation in my living room as we try to recover from the jet lag and the time difference.
But she makes it all worth it. I love her so much it takes my breath away.


shelley said...

Does it still feel SOOOO unreal to have a baby on your couch??? She is too precious for words. Thank you so much for letting us follow along on your wonderful journey. Can't wait to see what the summer holds for your new family.

Donna said...

Welcome Home!

Jessica Marie said...

Krista, it brings tears to my eyes everytime i read your blog about your amazing experience to get mia! I am so glad you allowed us to be part of that experience. Thank you!!! I could barely wait 9 months for my daughter, i couldnt even begin to imagine waiting 5 years. You are a unbelievably strong, patient women, and god had gave you with the most beautiful little girl because of that. Congrats Momma!!!

Janet said...

Glad you are home, safe and sound! Praying for your adjustment! Mia is such a sweetheart!

KJS said...

Welcome home Mia! Livi and I can't wait to meet you.

Tonya said...

Welcome home!! I know it is such an amazing feeling. I remember asking myself over and this really happening? Is it real? Is she really mine, or is someone coming to get her?? After such a long wait it seems so unreal at times...but now I can't even remember life before my girls. I often wonder what I did with my time without them.

Get some rest and get ready to have FUN!!!!!

Catherine said...

Welcome home Momma and Mia!!! So happy you're hear and that your trooper of a traveller did so well!! Yay!! (Doesn't it make you laugh to yourself a little when you hear people stressing about travelling with a baby on a 2 hour flight? Not us IA parents!)

Your home looks, puppy, sweet sleeping baby. Ah yes, this is what you've dreamed of for years and years! SO happy for you!!!

M and M said...

Welcome home!!

I am thrilled for you and your new expanded family and I wish you all the best!

Mia is beautiful!!!


foodiechickie said...

I am so glad you finally have her.

amazeingteacher said...

welcome home! your travel sounds like a dream! lucky you:) enjoy every minute with your mia. my molly still takes my breath away after a year home!!

Colleen said...

Welcome back! and I'm so glad to hear how well Mia did. :) and the little flags are such a cute idea.

I got a little something for Mia. My email address is if you want to email an address I can send it to.

Johnny said...

Welcome home!

Jeana said...

I've really enjoyed following your blog! Congratulations! Enjoy every minute with your sweet girl. One day you'll be like me, with a teen, reliving the beginning as new moms begin their journey. I'll be checking in on you to see how Mia is doing!
Jeana in Illinois

Ang said...

WELCOME HOME! I have read your blog (blogs) via your sister Carla for some years and I have to say again, CONGRATS to you. Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood where your house will no longer be neat and tidy but instead it will be FILLED with love and laughter and the joys of a child. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe your trip is over, yet your journey is just beginning. It seems like your trip went so quickly as I looked forward to reading your blog everyday. I truly feel like I experienced China through your eyes and heart. You had a wonderful trip and have been blessed with a very special daughter. Many congratulations.

Sue from IL

Marla said...

So glad y'all made it home and that your girl was such a sweet little trooper. Jet lag sucks big ones, I pray yours is short and that y'all are on USA time soon. I never mastered how to beat it, even after 3 trips, but it does go away!

Congrats again Momma!!

Karrie said...

I am so glad she travelled well for you. What a relief! I hope the jetlag passes quickly so that you can move on to the fun part. Happy maternity leave and enjoy your summer off getting to know your beautiful new daughter.

Oh and the thing about how she takes your breath away? It just gets stronger and stronger.
Nothing beats being a mom.
So glad you finally get to experience this.
You will be GREAT!

Karrie in southern Indiana (blogger won't let me sign in... ack!)

FinsUp said...

Welcome home! Single momhood is so much fun. Congratulations on bringing home your new best friend.

China Dreams said...

Welcome home. She is just adorable; what a great travel companion! Good luck with the time change and getting into a routine.


Laurie said...

Welcome home Mama and Mia!!

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