Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mia Day Videos

Tonight I was looking at the videos from the day Mia officially became my daughter. What memories they bring back. I still get overwhelmed with all the emotions of that crazy, magical day.

It was the day that all my dreams came true. Five difficult years worth of waiting ended that day. That day... wow. Seems so far away now. Was it really just 36 days ago?

This is the moment she was handed to me. There's not much because my sister was trying to video and photograph at the same time. They literally handed Mia to me and rushed us into the next room to start the paperwork to complete the adoption. It wasn't exactly how I expected it to go. And really... more video would have just shown Mia crying, screaming and thrashing around in my arms for another hour anyway.
Luckily, she settled down after we finally figured out how to get the bottle just right. My girl was not only stressed but was starving, too. To see the progression of how that happened you can see the photos on the Mia Day post.

This video was taken as soon as I turned her around after that bottle was gone. She was an entirely different baby. Now after knowing her for 5 weeks I can say this is her true personality. Only one hour after meeting me and she showed me who she was.
And she hasn't looked back. This last video was taken just a couple hours later at the civil affairs office as we were waiting to complete more paperwork. 
I have no idea how or why she's handled the transition so well. Other than to say she's a remarkably amazing little girl. She's resilient, strong, smart and so full of happiness. I'm truly blessed beyond measure.

I've loved her since the day I signed the paperwork with the adoption agency back in February of 2006. But now I know HER and I love HER. This child. And I couldn't imagine my life without her. She makes me happier than I could've ever imagined.  


Anonymous said...

Congrats Krista! Mia is beautiful and seems to have a darling personality too. I don't know if you remember me but I spoke with you (through e-mail) last year just a couple of times I am a single who was adopting domestically, and ironic enough we ended up with the same gotcha day! Very different though!

Aus said...

Very cool - y'all went from sad panda -> panda -> glad panda!! Nice retro - and happy for you!!

hugs - aus and co.

MotherMotherOcean said...

You just got my tears going. Wow. Dont you wish that moment could occur in slow motion?

Miche said...

Those videos make me tear up in such a good way :) I am SO happy for you both to finally have each other :) SO beautiful to have these videos, too!

Traci said...

What a lovely post. So happy for both of you. I can't wait to share today with you!!


Donna R said...

She did amazingly well! That second video when you tell here that you've waited a long time for her, just choked me up. It they only knew how much love and anticipation we have before we even hold them. It's such a amazing feeling when they are finally placed in our arms.

Anonymous said...

Xie!Xie! for sharing your sweet one with everyone!! The wait for Mia was sure worth it as for all of us, our daughter is now 15 and I loved her and do more each day -God knows which baby needs which parent also which parent needs which baby!! Happiness to you and Mia -Cathy in Illinois

Briana's Mom said...

I am so happy to see these amazing moments on video!

Your Mia Day was so similar to my Briana Day. Bri took one look at me and started to scream. It was so overwhelming. But once Bri had her bottle - she was completely different baby!

Mia is such a sweet, beautiful girl!

amazeingteacher said...

she's transitioning so well because she knows she's finally home too! she's so adorable and i'm really happy for you! soak it up, this is really the greatest time of your life!

Anonymous said...

Love keeping up with your blog. Looks like things are going pretty smoothly for you two. We're doing pretty good ourselves. So glad that we took the girls to Southern California before coming home. Mimi really needed to know that she is just as important to us as Mei Mei is. When we got home, Mei Mei was just starting to get into a routine and sleeping through the night in her own crib. However since school let out for Mimi, our whole routine was shot to heck in a hand basket. It's really hard when you have Mimi who likes to wake up at the crack of dawn and Mei Mei who still likes to party at midnight and sleep till 9. So I'm throwing in the towel and letting the babe sleep with me at least until school starts in Sept and we get into a more "normal" routine. BTW, Happy one month anniversary to you both. Luvs ya, Dottie

foodiechickie said...

I love reading these positive parenting posts.

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