Friday, June 3, 2011

Consulate Appointment

My daughter has decided that sleeping on her belly is pretty comfy.
Is that not just precious? I swear I could kiss those cheeks until my lips fell off.
Thursday was our consulate appointment. Since no cameras are allowed we just snapped a few photos in the room beforehand. My mom made Mia this patriotic dress especially for this day. Well, it was supposed to be a dress. But since Mia is a little plus sized (like her momma) it's actually now a shirt. LOL!

Later that afternoon we went shopping with Ann. I sent Mia's care package through her business Red Thread China. She was so funny. She said when they gave her the updated measurements for her she made the orphanage double check because she thought that was too big for a 6 mth old baby. But after Ann held her ...she believed it. 
That evening was our agency's farewell party. All the little girls wore their traditional Chinese dresses. This is Bethany, Mimi and Grace. The three musketeers.

All the mothers in our travel group.
The four Tonggu sisters. Maya, Eliza, Mia, and Mei Lin.
They're all within 3 weeks of age.
But one grumpy girl decided she was in no mood to party.
So momma had one toast of Chinese rice wine and took her baby to bed. She'd had a long, overstimulating day and the party was just putting her over the top. So we went back to our quiet room for some down time.
But a really early bedtime for an overly tired baby may mean she sleeps completely through the night without waking for her 3am bottle and diaper change. Which is good. Unless she decides the day should begin at 5:30am when her momma wants to stay asleep.


kitchu said...

home soon. so glad this trip was filled with so many blessings! love to you both!

Donna said...

Awww...great pic of you two with her little consulate appt outfit! Congratulations on getting that final step done. Isn't it just wonderful to know she is all yours?!

Shauna and MacLean said...

What fun you have had your Mia is just sweet! I remember the trip days fondly I am a single momma who has been home almost 12 years but it feels like yesterday. Enjoy every minute!

KJS said...

Congratulations and can't wait to meet Mia!

k1 said...

have an uneventful, stress free trip home if at all possible!

Donna said...

Beautiful. Luv the outfit for her consulate appointment.

China Dreams said...

She is just so beautiful.


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