Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Last Day

Today was our last full day in China. Tomorrow we catch a plane to come home. Our travel group left this afternoon. They fly into LAX but I didn't want to take that route so we had to book our own flight. This morning we had free time which Carla and I used to just chill out a little. Then we met the group for our last lunch together.
My life is now connected with all of these people. Our daughters all come from the same place. We shared an amazing adventure together and I'll never forget them or the time we spent here.
 I'll miss the food. It' some of the best I've ever had. And I can say I finally mastered how to eat with chopsticks. Not only did I succeed with feeding myself but most times I did so with a baby either strapped to me in an Ergo or sitting on my lap. I only dropped a noodle on Mia's head one time. LOL!
Mia has decided the high chair isn't so bad after all. It only took until 2 days before we were due to leave China that she agreed to sit in one. 
I know you only come here for the cute baby shots... so here's another.
And another. This is Robert and Robin's daughter, Eliza.
Our suite with the "lived in" look.
This is Mia's Uncle Norman. He's my facilitator and played a big role in bringing my daughter and I together. I'll forever be grateful to him for all he's done to make my dream come true.
Robin and I saying good-bye.
The crew boarding the bus to the airport.
Norman giving us stern warnings NOT to open the brown envelope. Apparently, you have to return to Guangzhou and reapply for your child's visa if the package has been tampered with. Only the immigration officer at your US port of entry can open it.
After the group left, Carla and I were on our own with time to kill so we headed over to Shamian Island. We snuck into the White Swan Hotel and took our photo by the famous waterfall.
Then walked the island for a bit.
Did a little shopping. Okay.. a lot. Did a whole lot of shopping.
Then headed to Lucy's for dinner. Lucy's has reached legendary status amongst China adopters so, of course, we had to eat there.
Our somewhat all American meal. Roast beef and a grilled cheese with fries.The food? Eh, just okay.
We were going to try to do the "put your kid in traditional Chinese dress on the famous red couch" photo... but by the time we got back over to the White Swan it was late and my little one had had enough. So this was the best we could do.
Tomorrow.... home!


Debberoo said...

So glad I came across your blog (I think it was via RQ) I have so enjoyed following along on your journey to Mia. It only gets better from here on :)

Briana's Mom said...

It has been wonderful following your journey to your precious Mia! Congratulations again.

It is amazing what you can learn to do with a baby strapped to you. LOL!

K1 said...

I'm with you on the Lucy's food. Nothing to get excited about, but 'comfortable'.

Safe travels home!

Shannon said...

Safe travels home!

k1 said...

OH! That wall of glass bottles is at Peter's shop. His door is right to your left. Did you have him paint Mia's portrait? He does a FANTASTIC job... in a short time period.

Donna said...

Safe Travels.

Selkie Mom said...

Thanks for sharing all your happy memories. Congratulations and have a wonderful trip home! Welcome Mia!

Julie said...

So happy for you. Safe travels!

China Dreams said...

May you have safe and uneventful travels.


Teresa said...

There is something very special about sharing the creation of families that binds you forever with the families in your group. We are still in contact with the 2 other families in our group and get together at least 2 times a year. Fortunately, we live close.

Mia is absolutely gorgeous and you are one happy mama. Enjoy this time with her. You have earned every single second of happiness with her.

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