Thursday, December 29, 2011

Penguin Pajama Pic 2011

For the last 7 years or so I've bought penguin pajamas for my nieces and nephews at Christmas time. Then we all pose for a photo together.

We finally were able to add Mia into the annual penguin pajama pic this year!
It was nearly impossible to get everyone to sit still for a photo. As you can see the oldest refused to even participate.

And I was spending a small fortune on all these pajamas. So the tradition may be over. We'll see. But at least Mia made it into a shot.

I really like it in black and white. But below is the full color version.
And just for fun I threw in some of the older ones so you can see how much the kids have grown.

We used the same pajamas cuz I'd bought a matching pair for Mia last year.
Look at little baby Tess! And this was before Braeden (my brother's) started joining us.
No Tess yet... and another year of recycled pj's.
Teagan was just a wee one then. And boy was I skinny!
We'll just have to wait and see what 2012 will hold for the fate of the Penguin PJ Pic.


JennP said...

I think it's fabulous! The best part is that they are just being "kids" and now your wee one is part of the group...:) How splendid! What a great Aunt you are and what wonderful memories you are making...:)

~K said...

Love it!!! Its about time Mia joined in that pic!!

Anonymous said...

Start saving in January so you can do this again. What fun looking at the old and new.


KJS said...

What a great tradition :-)

Abby's Mom said...

very cute! and we were all skinny before the long stressful wait :)

Kim said...

LOVE these photos..
have a great week..

Laurie said...

A fabulous tradition and I think I remember most of the pics. At long last Mia is part of the group!

Your Christmas card was simply perfect-stunning. Can I ask how you transferred it to your blog?

Happy 2012!

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