Friday, December 30, 2011

Our First Christmas

Mia is only 14 mths old. So she doesn't really "get" the whole Christmas, Santa, presents thing just yet. This year was all for mommy. 
I tried not to go overboard because I knew she had gifts coming from several people. I didn't want to overwhelm her our first go at this.
 Can you tell which gift is the one mommy remembered was not wrapped and hidden under Mia's crib at about midnight? LOL! It actually worked out better this way. She had something to play with while I wrestled the other gifts out of their packaging.
It took her about 5 seconds to get the hang of ripping the paper off.

In addition to the farm, Santa brought her stuff for the kitchen. More play food and cookware. And the fridge phonics thing from Leapfrog.
Mia's not an "official walker" but she's been practicing a lot. And she'd rather stand than sit these days. Show off.
The pots and pans were a huge hit. Although perhaps I ..err, I mean Santa.... should have thought more about how much noise stainless steel pots make when beaten together.
It was a great, relaxing first Christmas morning spent just the two of us. We opened her presents and then had a breakfast casserole I'd made the night before. And spent the rest of the morning in our pj's playing with toys and then taking a late nap.
It was absolutely surreal to finally share this day with my daughter. Now Christmas morning will never again be just another morning...
I don't want to wish my time away but I'm really looking forward to the next several Christmases as she discovers the magic of it. I can't wait to see how excited she is about leaving cookies out for Santa, the elf on the shelf, and all the other fun things about this holiday.
Later that evening, we went to my sister's for our family celebration. Mia was more interested in playing with my brother-in-law's lunchbox than the presents.
I think it's hysterical that my kid is in her Christmas best but my sister's kids are still in their jammies. Except Tess who is wearing some dress up thing. I guess it's pretty obvious I'm the new mom here. LOL!
Wrapping paper chaos.
There was a point I thought Mia and Tess were gonna get all WWE smackdown over that Baby Alive. It was pretty funny.
And this is a rare sighting of the teenager who spends most of his time staring at a computer screen. So the shirt is most appropriate. 
I didn't take as many photos as I thought I did cuz I was busy chasing the child.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Certainly my best Christmas ever. Everything I dreamed of and more. And I expect every year it will continue to get better. 
But I already got the best gift ever. I don't need anything else. My life is complete.


La-La-Liene said...

Looks like your first Christmas as a new mom was fantastic. Can't wait to see what Mia looks like next Christmas. I'm sure it's going to be a totally different experience for her. Merry Christmas!

KJS said...

Merry 1st Christmas you two!

Shannon said...

It's a crazy, wonderful ting, isn't it?! Each Christmas you see little changes in their understanding and expectations and excitement. So cool! Mia and all the T's look like they had a wonderful day! Much happiness!
Shannon & Ellie

dawn said...

I'm still laughing a the comment about you being the new Mum cos your kid was all decked out...BTDT, now we are in our jammies until lord knows when and then it's whatever they want to wear. LOL

Your Christmas looked fantastic and that girl of yours is beautiful. I love the photo of her standing with her little bum sticking out and her knees bent.

Can't wait to see what new adventures the new year brings for both of you.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, K, congratulations!!! And Mia really got the whole paper packages thing... much better than Squirt. I think the girls might be at the same walking-but-not-really stage. Squirt's made tremendous progress in just a week.

Greg, Dottie and Mimi said...

Same here. The best Christmas gift ever was watching our two girls opening their gifts. I promise you Krista, it does get better and better as I have done it twice already. My cup runneth over a million times.

Kim said...

Christmas is an amazing day ... enjoy every year ... around 16 it will change...LOL.. Love ya and all the photos... I can't wait till I hopefully get this chance again.. Hugz

Our Journey to China said...

She is absolutely adorable! What a blessing! This is our 2nd Christmas home with our Tonggu sweetie. Thank you for sharing your journey. She is just a doll!

Our Journey to China said...

She is absolutely adorable! What a blessing! This is our 2nd Christmas home with our Tonggu sweetie. Thank you for sharing your journey. She is just a doll!

K said...

It looks like Mia had a great Christmas! I learned the hard way about the metal play pans too!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

What a wonderful first Christmas! Have lots of fun Mommy! That last photo is the BEST!

Alyzabeth's Mommy (our fourth Christmas together!)

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