Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cousin Love

 Mia worships her cousins. I don't think any one is her favorite. Although I think the three youngest T's get more of a reaction from her. 

Just cuz the almost 15 yr old has no interest in anything except what's on his computer screen. And the other...well, what almost 12 yr old boy cares about babies?

But Teagan?
All he has to do is look at Mia and she's cracking up.
He thinks she's pretty cool, too.
And to think he wasn't even 1 yr old when I started my journey to her.
 My sister posted these on her blog but they were too cute not to share. So I swiped them.

I found these other pics of Tatum and Mia while I was downloading the others. I'd forgotten I'd taken them a month ago.

I'd brought Tatum home with me on Thanksgiving night. It was the first sleepover we've had post-Mia. 
I figured she could entertain Mia while I power shopped online during the Black Friday sales.
What started as one night turned into the entire four day weekend cuz these two were having so much fun together.
My nieces and nephews are a huge part of my life. I was a little worried what their reaction would be once I brought Mia home. Cuz they've had 100% of my attention all these years. 

Now I'm not just their super-awesome-coolest-most-fun-aunt-on-the-planet. I'm also somebody else's mom.

But there's been no jealousy. Just excitement at the addition of this little blessing of mine. I love seeing Mia with her cousins. And I'm so happy they love her so much.


wzgirl said...

So happy for you...and your family, Krista! xo

Greg, Dottie and Mimi said...

That is just awsome for sure. I know that you are just over the moon with so much joy at each and every cornerstone of your lives together.

Anonymous said...

I can feel the cousin love through the computer!

Lisa B. Of franklin said...

I love it when a family is close. I'm so happy the kids are getting along so well and the T's aren't jealous of Mia. She is one lucky little girl.

Kim said...

I am sooo happy for you girly..
Love the photos..
Love ya

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