Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cookie Day 2011

For those of you who migrated over here from my other blog, you know that every year around Christmas time my sister and I supervise a mass sugar cookie bake with all my nieces and nephews. This year was no exception.
The kids love rolling out the dough, cutting their cookies and then icing them. My sister and I let them go at it and just try to keep the catastrophes to a minimum.
This year I finally got to add Mia into the crazy chaos.
We started the cookies after our attempt at taking the annual Penguin Pajama Pics. Which is why everyone has on matching clothes. Not sure how the pics will turn out though. Still editing and hoping for one good shot cuz it didn't seem to go very well.
The oldest nephew is missing from both the cookie making fun and the pajama pics. He's almost 15. Unfortunately, we are no longer cool. LOL!
Mia didn't quite know what to make of everything. She was mostly just an observer.
Because every time cookie dough was placed in front of her ...she ate it.
So I gave her a rolling pin to play with. And the little pieces of dough stuck to it...
Well... she ate those, too.


dawn said...

Living a dream. Love it.

Sarah in MT said...

I've been anxiously awaiting these photos! Your cookie making/penguin pj tradition has become a tradition for me, too, and I love seeing the photos every year. Thanks for sharing.

Your comment about Mia eating even the scraps of dough off the rolling pin reminds me of the first year I did sugar cookies with my grandchildren. Our little Kristy, who was 3, licked the spreading knife after every attempt at spreading icing on the cookie. Then she would dip it back in the icing bowl, spread it on the cookie, and lick the knife again. It was so hilarious, I could barely hold the camera still filming her. Thank God there were no food inspectors at the house that day! Ah, great memories like that - priceless.

Debberoo said...

What lovely memories you are creating PLUS cookies - it doesn't get any better than that!

p.s Ever since reading your post explaining about the penguins you have me noticing them everywhere!

Catherine said...

Precious moments with your little one and creating memories to last a lifetime as the kiddos grow!

Merry Christmas!

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