Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Diaper Dance

Mia has always loved music. Her referral paperwork even mentions it. Although most adopters seem to have the standard "responds to music" type info in their referral packet. But for Mia it appears to be true.

When we were in China and would find a music video channel on TV, Mia would stop whatever she was doing and sit mesmerized. No other channel had that affect on her. Her favorite was Chinese rap. I know. And yes Chinese rap is the same as here... baggy pants, hats turned to the side, mad dance moves... just Chinese guys doing it. Pretty funny. But I digress.

Just in the last couple of weeks, Mia has discovered a love of dancing. She shakes her groove thing and bops her head whenever she hears anything with some rhythm. Commercials, the car radio, me singing, her musical toys. Anything.

On Sunday she was watching her Baby Signing Times video. There's a section called the "Diaper Dance" which teaches the signs for diaper, potty, etc. I caught this on video.
If you're familiar with the signs or the video you'll see how she mimics the movements and tries doing the sign for diaper. Which is to do a pinching motion at your waistline.

See how crazy active this girl is? That's why momma is exhausted most of the time. LOL! She has no fear.

All that hanging on the table guard thing. Oh my lord... That was meant to keep her from smashing her face. Remember how unsteady she was back in these videos? Not anymore.

See how the coffee table is now just pushed against the couch with all the stuff on it in the far corner out of her reach. That's what I've had to resort to in an effort to keep her out of trouble. Somewhat out of trouble anyway. I'm not always successful.


Aus said...

Hey - seems like a pretty cool kid to me!!

hugs - aus and co.

~K said...

That is so very cute!! I love seeing Mia in action!!

Amy said...

Hi! I'm Amy (we met briefly at the mall today)- I would love to get in touch with you & see if the kiddos could play. Or even just hang out at the FCC playgroup (if you're interested!). Feel free to email me: aleigh220@gmail.com and/or check out our blog!

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