Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Slacker

Why haven't I had as much time or energy to blog lately? You're looking at the reason. A certain very mobile 11 mth old is keeping her momma busy.
Mia has discovered her independent streak. She's gotten very brave and very curious. Which spells trouble for me.
She's no longer afraid to venture into other rooms of the house alone. In fact, she prefers it. So she can cause as much destruction as she can before I stop her.
For example, mommy's laptop is off limits. And you see how hard she laughed when I told her no?
One of her favorite spots is the landing at the bottom of the stairs. She loves talking to the baby in the mirror.
And when she thinks I'm not looking... going for the stairs.
She's figured out how to get down from the landing. She crawls to the edge and dives off. I told you she was brave. Don't worry. She catches herself with her hands and lands on her belly. She's gotten really good at it.
In one of her explorations, she got into a tight squeeze. And then couldn't figure out how to get back out.
Maybe she thought Griffey would help her. But mommy had to come to the rescue.
See the vent in the floor under that table? I'm dreading the day she discovers how much fun it is to drop things down in it. That day is coming. I have no doubt.
Mia has plenty of toys to keep her entertained. But she'd much rather pull DVD's off the shelf. And see how the pretty decorative boxes are all askew? Yep... she can now reach the second shelf as well.
Don't let this pretty face fool ya. She's as ornery as they come. And I'm pretty sure it's gonna get worse before it gets better. Wait til this Tasmanian Devil starts walking. I'm exhausted just imagining it!
By the way, the first two photos (in the pink polo dress) were taken exactly a month ago. Look how much the shape of her face has changed and how much longer her hair is. I can't believe how fast she's growing.


K said...

She's quite something. I love the baby in the mirror picture.

As for the heater vent, you can get a piece of filter stuff and cut it to fit. That's what I did. Just make sure you put it the right side up, if it matters with the product, depending on whether it's a heater vent or air intake vent. Now and then I pull mine out and vacuum it and take the little objects out that my cats put down the grate.

Aus said...

Ah the joys of parenting - get your roller skates ready - its easier to keep up that way!

hugs - aus and co.

Kayce said...

Love that face!! Wait until she's two and running your life in circles!! :) Oh and telling you, "no I don't wanna momma!!"

foodiechickie said...

A little miracle!

MotherMotherOcean said...

she is everywhere. I love the smile on her face that says "ha ha, you can't keep up and I know it."

Catherine said...

Blogging with baby is hard work but you're right, baby time is so much better than bloggin' time!

Heh...had to laugh when I saw all the fun adventures your little sweetie is up to. You're in for the long haul friend because Hannah at 2 1/2 is still more interested in playing with anything but her toys!! Climbing on counters, opening drawers, you name's much more fun.

Your sweet Mia is absolutely adorable! So, so happy for you!!

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