Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daycare Update

Mia is thriving in daycare. She loves her sitter, Anita. And she loves Anita's daughter's, Olivia (15) and Maddie (11).
When I first met Anita, she told me Olivia used to bug her about adopting a baby from China. So this was a good fit.

They got the Chinese baby they always wanted with no hassle, no waiting, no paperwork, and no hefty fees. And we got a fabulous sitter. LOL!
They're thrilled to have Mia there every day. And I'm thrilled that they're thrilled. It gives me such peace of mind to know that I can go to work and not worry about my girl. I know she's happy and loved at Anita's house, too.

Most mornings Maddie plays with Mia before heading off to school. We usually either just miss Olivia or she's on the way out the door when I drop Mia off. Mia has started looking for Maddie. It's so cute.
I walk through the garage into what is probably meant to be the family room. But Anita has made that the kid room. There's a small hallway off that to the rest of the house. Mia will now start straining her neck and leaning towards that doorway to see if Maddie's coming. And her face lights up when she sees her Maddie.

She's the first drop off of the day. I really like that it turned out that way. I think it's helped a lot with the transition. That one on one in the morning for a short time before other kids start arriving has made Mia very comfortable with Anita.
My plan originally was for her to be cared for in our own house. But now that I know her, I realize being around other kids is what's best for her. She's such an outgoing, social baby.
And I feel like she's developing real relationships with Anita and the girls... that could last her whole life even. There can never be too many people to love my daughter.

So I'm really happy that things worked out the way they did. Maybe everything really does happen for a reason.
Mia is truly blossoming. I've watched her confidence grow so much in the last few months. I'm constantly amazed at how far she's come.

In the beginning, she wouldn't even allow my two closest friends to hold her. They had to work at it for quite awhile. Now she happily goes to both of them. I really think the socialization she gets in daycare has helped with that.
Today at a birthday party, she even allowed both of my male partners to hold her and play with her. This is such a huge thing.

She used to be really apprehensive about going to strangers. She just flat wouldn't go.
But today... with some encouragement from me she did fine. She kept turning to me as if to check in. I felt like she was thinking "if mom is okay with this... then I'm safe." Like she was seeking reassurance.

And the fact that both of them were men was a big deal, too. She's been a little unsure with men. Maybe because that's not what she's used to. There's no dad here, after all.
I know that being around the other kids has also made her more active. I think she's gaining strength, balance and coordination just trying to keep up with everyone else.

Some of it is definitely the right milestones for her age. But I do think being the youngest in a room full of walking and talking little ones is giving her some incentive to get there, too.
So all in all....things are going well. Very well. And I constantly thank my lucky stars that I stumbled upon such a great place for Mia to grow up.
These pictures have nothing to do with the post. They were taken on Labor Day at my sister's house.


hopefulcc said...

Thank you for this post.
I'm going back to work next week and it breaks my heart to have to put my little girl in daycare. This post is exactly what I needed to read. I know she's going to thrive, just like Mia.

The pics are great too. Does her shirt say Sweet, Smart and Sassy? I love it!

Kayce said...

I'm so glad all is going well and that Anita is a part of Mia's life and giving you the comfort you need. Mia is beyond adorable!

Alyson and Ford said...

So happy that you all are happy! Love all the photos, she is quite the social girl now!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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