Monday, August 1, 2011

She's Going Too Fast

Mia has taken off.... quite literally. Last week she figured out the crawl on your knees thing. She'll still drop to a belly crawl when she's in a hurry to get somewhere. It seems that way is faster for her right now.
She's pulling up on everything. She'd much rather stand than sit. Today I walked around the corner from the kitchen and caught her STANDING in the pink chair holding on to the brick of  the fireplace. I have no idea how she accomplished that... and in only about 30 seconds time. I swear she's aging me at about 10 times the speed I should be. LOL!
She's definitely keeping me on my toes. I have to watch her with an eagle eye. Cuz she's fast and very determined. It's like the first 7 months of her life she had no freedom to move...and now she can't stop! The child rarely sits still and she may just give me a heart attack before it's all over. She's learned how to pull herself up on the coffee table. The first few times she did it was pretty funny. She'd dig her nails in like she was hanging off the edge of a cliff and little by little she'd pull off her knees to her feet. Now I'm just terrified waiting for her to bust her face. I've been thinking about maybe even putting the table in the basement for awhile. But how long would that last? Years? 
Usually when we're home just hanging out we play on the floor in the living room or dining room. I don't think I've actually sat on my couch in 2 months. Not while Mia is awake anyway. I noticed in most of our videos she's only wearing a diaper on the bottom. She does own pants. But I take them off so she can move around easier. LOL! I think all the floor time has helped her strengthen her legs, arms and core and given her the opportunity to figure it all out. I think that was what she was lacking in China. Not the ability to accomplish these things...but the opportunity. 

I'm really excited about how far she's come. And I'm so proud of my brave, resilient, strong willed little girl. But part of me is sad, too. It's all happening so fast. I don't want her to grow up. Not just yet. I thought I'd have more time. More time for her to be a baby. But it seems she's done with that and ready to move onto toddlerhood as fast as she possibly can. Mommy isn't so thrilled with the idea however.


~K said...

I LOVE seeing the videos of Mia (and your narration because your saying just what im thinking!)... and her fierce determination!! That would scare me too... but good golly, she's going to keep going til she gets where she wants to be. GO MIA!!

<3 <3 <3

Tonya said...

Wait until you find her ON TOP of the dining room table reaching up towards the lights!!! Both of my girls freaked me out when I found that sight!! With Janie I had to actually take the chairs away for a few weeks to "break" the habit....

Sarah in MT said...

A girl who knows what she wants - and is willing to go after it! She is soooo your daughter!

LadyBug Dragon said...

The videos are precious... I love watching her face and knowing what she's thinking!

K said...

It goes by in the blink of an eye, doesn't it? Mia is thriving!

BevS97 said...

We got rid of our coffee table when our eldest was around 10 months. She kept falling off the sofa and banging her head on it. We didn't replace it until she was 12! by which time the youngest was 6. to be honest, we could have replaced it much earlier but we just got in the habit of not having one.

Do said...

Babies are so cute that their parents often wish the growth to slow down .

Miche said...

There are great foam/rubber things at babies r us you can put around fireplace edges/tables/etc. We used them on our fireplace and it worked great to protect the kids when they were first standing up-that might be a good idea. You could also cover it in foam and fabric and duck tape it on the bottom of the table, so it is easy to remove when she is older, but offers padding now while you need it and still leave you a table to use. Just a thought.

And it isn't fair babies grow so quickly :) I'm always sad when each stage ends, but then, the new stage always brings such great adventures :)

Anonymous said...

when my kids were young and learning to get
around, I did take the coffee table out of
the living room. We had a head bump incident
requiring stitches with my unstable son, and
the Dr. said he thought a coffee table is one of
the most dangerous pieces of furniture in a out it went. mm, vancouver, wa.

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