Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And Somehow It's 6 Months Later...

I have failed miserably at blogging this year. The truth is... life is busy. At the end of the day, when I finally get to sit down and breathe after working, running, juggling, balancing, and mothering since before the sun came up (literally)... I'm exhausted. So I let some things fall away. The blog was a casualty.

But I have regrets about that. So many things have happened. So many milestones for my girl. So much growth. So much blossoming. So many memories. And my mind is already starting to blur the details.

I need to write this down. I have to write this down. For me, but mostly for her. I want her to have this window into her childhood. And some day, when I'm old and gray[er] and my sweet little birdie has flown the coop... I'll be able to come here, relive a memory and smile about this amazing miracle I was blessed with. 

So I'm jumping back in. And I'm really gonna try. I'll start right here, right where we are. But as often as I can, I'd like to throw in some flashbacks and catch up on some of the important stuff over the last 6+ months that I really don't want to forget.

And there you have it. Finally ... the 13th blog post of 2013. 


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