Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trick or Treat 2012

The weather was awful for Halloween this year. Hurricane Sandy was hitting the east coast and we felt some of that here as well. I ended up taking Mia to an indoor trick or treat event at a local mall. Unfortunately, every other person in the state of Ohio had the same idea. Or at least it seemed that way. 

We didn't last long. It was elbow to elbow and the lines were ridiculously long. Here's a photo of Mia with her candy. Yes... that's it. That one piece before I called it off and headed for the door.
And how ironic that I stopped to grab a photo not even paying attention to the Xmas display in the background... already up at Halloween. 

We tried again the next night but it was chilly and drizzling rain. So we only went about a block and a half. Hopefully, next year the weather will be a bit more cooperative. 


dawn said...

But you went Mama, and she will look back and think...WOW, my mama did that for me.
BTW, Mia looked so cute, not that that is at all surprising.

Aus said...

Who cares about candy when a kid is that cute?

hugs - aus and co.

k1 said...

her little teeth and gums don't need all that nasty candy anyway! She was an adorable little butterfly.

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