Friday, June 15, 2012

Project Tonggu

The Tonggu Social Welfare Institution is very near and dear to my heart. They were responsible for the care of my daughter for the first 7 1/2 months of her life. And because they did such an amazing job, my job was made easier. 
Because of these two wonderful, kind, loving foster parents, Mia was handed to me a happy and healthy baby, capable of allowing herself to trust and be loved. They didn't just take care of her because it was their job. They played with her, talked to her, held her, rocked her and without a doubt.... loved her.
This is a photo of Mr Guo, the director of the Tonggu SWI, and Mia. It was taken on the day we were lucky enough to visit the orphanage and meet Mia's foster mother. On our Gotcha Day, he was the person who held her for the 4 hour drive to Nanchang and then handed her to me in the conference room at the Galactic Peace Hotel.
For all of these people and for this place, I'm so very grateful. I could never truly repay them for all they did to help shape this amazing little person who is now my daughter. But I can help.
For several years before Mia arrived I sponsored a child through a charitable organization called Half the Sky. But this year I decided to use that money to help support Mia's orphanage instead.

Another Tonggu adoptive parent coordinates an annual fundraiser for Tonggu SWI that ends this Sunday June 17th. They are in need of formula, a washer/dryer, an air conditioning unit, and a TV for the children's playroom.

If you've been touched in some way by adoption, or by my daughter and our story, or you just have a generous heart and want to do some good in the world, I ask that you consider giving to this place that means so much to me.  

A tax deductible donation can be made online using This Form. Just be sure to write "Project Tonggu" in the project box to specify that is what you want the donation earmarked for.

On behalf of all the children in Tonggu SWI still waiting for a family..... Mia and I thank you.


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