Monday, June 4, 2012

Dinner Conversations with Mia

Mia was wound up tonight. She was pretty funny during dinner so I started taping her. I wish I'd grabbed my Flip camera instead of my I-Phone. I hate how the phone makes the videos so skinny.
We were having chicken. But she insists all white meat is turkey. No matter what.
She knows her name. But is sassy about repeating it when I ask. I especially love when she refuses to eat any more broccoli.
My funny girl. She's so smart. At the end she signs book which is her way of asking me to read to her.
And of course, I did.


GGHadden said...

Look at all of those teeth!! My goodness. Krista, she is growing so fast and just as adorable as ever! Love hearing her talk.

BevS97 said...

If you turn your phone sideways you get a better shaped video.

Kim said...

Mia is tooooo cute.. Love it.. amazing how much she has grown..

Patricia/NYC said...

LOVE her!!! She is so so cute & growing so fast! I love watching these videos as it brings back so many memories for me which don't seem all that long ago...well, about 6 years ago(yikes!)

Princess D said...

What a cute little smartie!!!

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