Monday, April 30, 2012

Mia at 18 mths

Mia hit 18 mths old on April 9th. It's hard to believe that we're already on the downhill to 2. Guess we're overdue for a progress report.
On March 2nd we had a well check visit with the doc. Mia is now 27.5 lbs and 30.5 inches tall. She's still in some of her 18 mth size clothes but we're transitioning to mostly all 24 mth. She wears a size 5 shoe. She's getting leaner but still a chunky monkey hitting the 99th percentile again on the American growth chart for her weight and 85% for height.

Speaking of the doc, she went all disapproving on me when I told her Mia was not only still taking a bottle at bedtime but also waking about halfway through the night for another. She gave me a good lecture on orthodontia and the damage milk does to teeth... blahblahblah. The doc said if I stopped giving her a bottle midway through the night then she'd stop waking up. I thought "Pshaw! What does SHE know?". LOL!

So a couple weeks later, Mia accidentally slept through the night. Since we were coming into a 3-days-off-for-momma weekend I decided to stop the middle of the night bottles. The next night when she woke, I changed her diaper, rocked her for a couple minutes, put her back in her crib, told her "nigh-night" and walked out. I got a little whimper but she laid down and went back to sleep.

And that was it. She's slept through the night ever since. Except for an occasional bad dream or upset tummy. I know it wasn't supposed to be that easy .... but somehow it was. She was just ready. Or maybe the damn doctor was right.

Another couple weeks went by and my girl came down with that wicked stomach flu. It was AWFUL. We avoided milk and dairy because we had no choice. Her poor little belly couldn't handle it. But it solved the bedtime bottle issue.

So doc, we are now completely bottle free. Only sippy cups from here on out. And no more milk after our bedtime teeth brushing. Happy?
My girl who used to eat everything and anything has become a little picky. It's all hit or miss, too. Today she'll like carrots. Tomorrow...not.

She's also developed a really bad habit of taking the food she doesn't wanna eat... sometimes right out of her mouth... and dropping it on the floor. My smart girl knows the dog is hovering there ready to scarf on her discards. Except she hasn't yet realized that dog is not always there. Like... at a restaurant or someone's house. Then she just looks like a rude kid throwing food on the floor. LOL!

Her speech and receptive language. Wow! That probably needs it's own post. We've run through another big developmental explosion.  I'm amazed at how much her brain can process and understand.

Mia also seems to get more comfortable in her personality every single day. She's stubborn as a mule and isn't afraid to voice her opinion when she disagrees. Unfortunately, she has the stamina of a marathon runner when it comes to making her opinions heard. Which has made for some interesting battles in our house.

She's absolutely hit that moody toddler meltdown stage. We're talking throw yourself on the floor, bury your head in your hands, wail at the top of your lungs, kick your feet and cry big crocodile tears kind of Oscar worthy performances. Luckily, only the sitter and I have witnessed those. For now. I'm sure one will come right in the middle of grocery shopping or at some other very public venue some day. And then I'll have to rescind all the judgement I ever cast on "those" parents who couldn't control their kid since I'll have joined their ranks.      
But on the flip side, Mia can be a ton of fun. She loves to laugh and be silly. I can already see her sense of humor emerging.

She's become very affectionate and will often lift her arms for me to pick her up so she can lay her head on my shoulder and nuzzle into my neck. I absolutely live for those moments. She still likes to snuggle and we rock together for a few minutes every night.

Every day she shows me something new. I can't believe how far she's come in just 11 mths.


Princess D said...

What an adorable girl you have. I love when my *gulp* almost two year old niece comes and hugs my leg out of no where :)
Restaurants should really get some dogs to boost morale for the staff and keep the floors clean ;)
Glad you had a nice bottle transition!

Sarah in MT said...

Mia is so precious, Krista. It's wonderful to hear how she's thriving and so good to know what a happy little family you have. Treasure every moment!

Traci said...

She's a beautiful child.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with what everyone said. She is Mei Mei's Tonggu sister for sure. I just cracked up when I read that Mia has the tendency to drop her food on the floor. LOL! The very same thing happens at our house. Mei knows that Butch is right there to eat it up. However the same thing happens when we go out to eat. Imagine, they are the same height! Although Mei Mei is a bit lighter in weight, she does have some chubby checks and chunky thighs.

Polar Bear said...

Boy! So much of this post could have been written about Z. He has been known to take food out of his mouth that he doesn't like and throw it on the floor. He will even take it ouf it he decides mid-bite that he is full. Joy!

Your doctor would hate me. Nugget still get a bottle before bed time. We do brush his teeth afterwards, though. He has gotten used to the routine. As soon as the bottle is done he pops up and runs to the bathroom shouting 'brush teef'. I know I need to cut out the last bottle, it makes me sad, though. They are growing up WAY too fast.

Mia is a doll. Her smile is absolutely contagious. The major meltdowns are fun, aren't they? It seems to me that they are worse at three than at two. Hold on! The ride just gets more fun.

Greg, Dottie and Mimi said...

Have to say that we moms are definitely on a roller coaster of a lifetme and I would not have it any other way. "D"

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