Friday, April 13, 2012

Hunting for Eggs

For so many years I imagined the day that Mia would join her cousins on the annual Easter Egg Hunt in my sister's big backyard. 
She didn't quite have the hang of it this first go 'round. As you can see by the very visible eggs right in front of her that she's ignoring.
Uncle Bobby tried to give her some pointers. 
But she preferred to just take off her shoes and run in the grass.
Or swing and watch her cousins hunting like crazy.
Maybe next year she'll get the hang of it.
Eventually, cousin Tess came over to sort her haul and swing awhile, too.
This adorable little dress was a gift from my friend, Lisa, right after we got home from China. When I stumbled across the basket liner made out of the same fabric I knew Mia had to wear it for the hunt.
She finally decided to check out the five eggs she found (or that were maybe just tossed in her basket while she wasn't looking).
Tatum came over to help.
And Mia discovered what the hunt was all about.... the candy inside those eggs!
It makes my heart so happy to see our girls all together. Finally.
Travis snuck into this photo. But as usual, Tanner avoided the camera.
Even Teagan shared a little candy with his favorite Chinese cousin.
Another dream realized. My girl hunted Easter eggs for the very first time.


Kim said...

Love the dress and matching basket liner... Mia is toooo cute... so happy you have another 1st... many more to come.. Hugz..

Princess D said...

So awesome to see another dream of yours come true :) Definitely had to wear that dress--I thought you had them both custom made together! Next year she'll be all over those candy filled eggs ;)

Kelli said...

Love the dress and matching basket liner. Looks like a great 1st Easter together!

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