Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mia's First Halloween

For those that used to read my old blog, you might remember last year when I bought this penguin costume at an after Halloween clearance sale. At the time, I knew there would be a Mia before the next Halloween. But I had no idea how old she would be so I totally guessed on the size. 
Luckily, I guessed right.
 This is our motley cousin crew of trick-or-treaters. The 3 youngest T's and Braeden. The oldest 2 T's are way too cool to go out with us. Choosing their friends instead.
Tess is a princess ballerina who refused to wear her tiara. Teagan is Ironman's sidekick (have no idea his name) but forgot his mask. Tatum is a vampire. And Braeden is Darth Maul.
Mia's trick-or-treat pumpkin bag is almost as big as she is. But she didn't seem to mind.
For years, we've gone out in my sister's neighborhood. But last year, the pickin's were slim. Just not many people participating. So this year, we all got in our cars and ventured out to someplace new. It was a pretty good choice.
So about this Darth Maul costume. The very top is a rubber cap type thing. But my sister-in-law actually painted the face on my nephew. It was pretty awesome.

At one point in our travels, another group was walking towards us on the sidewalk and Braeden actually gasped a little and said in a hushed tone "There's Darth Vader." I guess that's an enemy of Darth Maul. Let me just tell you... it was funny.
Since Mia isn't walking yet, she got an assist from Tatum in the candy gathering. She didn't get much. Most houses had steps and other obstacles that were not stroller friendly so she was more of an active observer. Which is good since I would have just eaten all of her candy anyway. LOL!
About halfway through the night, I had to recline my sleepy penguin cuz she started nodding off.
That 7 o'clock bedtime did her in. She was so worn out I got her all the way upstairs and she didn't even move.
After five Halloweens spent wishing, waiting, hoping and imagining... I finally have my own little trick-or-treater. I can't even describe how surreal it was. And a little overwhelming.
My heart goes out to all those still waiting and wishing. Hang in there. This is the proof that if you're strong and very patient.... dreams really do come true. Eventually.


The H Family said...

So sweet! Whenever I see something "penguin" I think of you guys. I'm so happy you enjoyed you Halloween! :-)

Keely (aka Ziggy)

Kayce said...

Oh what a sweet penguin face! That last picture melts me! Okay well this post melts me...you waited so long for this and here it's happened!! Love it! Happy Halloween...a day late!

Aus said...

Yeah - adoption means knowing how to go the distance!! But hey - that last line sounds like a Disney movie cue!! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

April Z said...

That penguin costume is just too cute! I love the picture of her in the crib!

Briana's Mom said...

She is so stinkin' cute!!! I am so glad you finally got to celebrate Halloween with your sweet girl. :D

Catherine said...

The cutest little penguin ever!!

K said...

I'm with you, it was VERY surreal! I hope we never come down from this Cloud 9 of motherhood.

Mia looks so cute in her penguin costume. Our local Cost*co has penguin pjs right now in the front and I thought of you and Mia when I saw them.

Robin said...

Happy Halloween penguin! Love, A little strawberry

Robin said...

Trying again with the strawberry's photo...xox

One Happy Mama said...

Just precious, I love it!

Dori said...

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement for those of us who are still waiting. Brought tears to my eyes! My husband and I continue with our China wait . . . Mia is such a joy! Looks like it was a fun "Baby's First" Halloween. :)

Sarah in MT said...

You've shared so many fun events with the T's through the years, but I'm sure having your own little penguin brings a whole new level of joy. So happy to see you both thriving in your new world.

Miche said...

I remember when you got that! (Or at least shared the photo on your other blog) Oh how awesome to see her in it! She is the cutest little penguin!

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