Friday, November 4, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Signing

Mia's favorite favorite favorite song of all that we sing is Itsy Bitsy Spider. She's even learned the hand motions. Well, her own interpretation anyway. I took some video this morning while we were eating breakfast. Forgive my off key singing voice. LOL!

She's also gotten really consistent with her signs. Again she's interpreted them in her own fashion. But I know what they are.

Her "more" is to clap her hands together. Her "eat" is to tap her index finger to her mouth. "Drink" is banging her fist against her mouth. Normally. But you'll see in the video she confuses her "eat" when she's actually asking for a drink. At the end you'll hear me ask if she's "all done". Her sign for that is to twist her hand back and forth.
My girl is so smart! I can't tell you how much I love the signing. I know it helps cut down her frustration when she can communicate her needs to me.

We're learning new ones all the time and I expect her vocabulary to continue to grow now that she's finally getting that control over her hands that she'd been lacking up until the last month or so. 

If you're thinking of trying sign with your baby... I say do it!! And start immediately. I started with Mia in China when she was 7 1/2 mths old. However, she didn't start using them really consistently and accurately until about 4 months later. So stick with it. They'll eventually come.


dawn said...

I never really hear anything that you guys say in your videos cos I get lost in the cuteness that is Mia. I have to watch them a couple of times. Her signs are adorable.

Catherine said...

I need to wait until I get home to watch the videos but have to reaffirm what you said, baby sign is wonderful!!! At one point Hannah was using about 50 signs and then as her vocabulary increased she slowly dropped the signs. The were invaluable when it came to communicating! Now when she's trying to tell me something I can't quite understand, I wish we had signs for it. it is fun to learn toddler talk though! It's amazing how good you become at it!

Have a great weekend friend!

GGHadden said...

Krista she is really getting the hang of signing :) and growing up so fast.....adorable.

Lisa said...

You adopted Mia on the same trip as my very dear friends the Putney's. So I have been following along with your blog since then. Signing is WONDERFUL!! We have a DD that is 2-1/2 (NSN) and a 8 yr old DS that is deaf (also adopted from China). Our 2-1/2 yr old knows about 450 signs! We never have temper tantrums - it is amazing! She can tell me what she wants and is now using sign and talking - you are very smart to use sign.I suggest continuing to use it. It will make the 2's and 3's so much better. Mia is just darling! I'm so very happy for you!

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