Monday, October 17, 2011

A Few Firsts

Mia is teething. On Saturday morning I found a new little bottom tooth had broken through. Unfortunately, neither one of us has gotten much sleep all weekend because of it.

So this is gonna be quick cuz mommy's exhausted. But I just wanted to get a few things down so when I look back some day...  I'll know when they happened.
In spite of the lack of sleep, Mia was a trooper and held it together during my hair appt Saturday morning. I can't get over how much older she looks in this photo.

She had a few straggly hairs that hung in her eyes so my hairdresser, Jessica, evened out her bangs as she napped in her stroller. Technically, I guess that makes this Mia's first hair cut...even though it was only maybe 4 little hairs. LOL!
After we got home Saturday afternoon, we hung out on the floor of the living room while we played. Three different times Mia stood herself completely up from the floor without assistance. I couldn't believe it. She didn't stay up for long. But it's progress. The few other times she's stood on her own it was from simply letting go of whatever she was using to steady herself.  
Of course, I wasn't fast enough to get photos. These are from earlier in the week. Mia's wooden blocks are in that basket on the bookcase. She's figured out how to reach in and grab them.
She's also suddenly gotten tall enough to reach the top of the dining room table and kitchen counter... if she really stretches and gets on her tippy toes. Now I have to be careful to push everything away from the edge or it'll come crashing to the floor.
A few other things:
  • Mia loves to sing and dance. Her favorite song is "Itsy Bitsy Spider". I'm not ashamed to admit that I sing it a lot. It's always guaranteed to grab her attention. And sometimes... like when she's thrashing around refusing to let me change her diaper... I need the distraction. She's now doing some hand motions (her own interpretation of the spider climbing the spout, of course) and literally "singing" along. Her voice is so precious. I'll have to try to get it on video. 
  • She ate her first piece of pizza Friday night. To say she loved it would be an understatement. She demolished it! After polishing off an entire adult sized piece (shredded very small by mommy), she kept signing "more". I only gave her a few more bites for fear she'd make herself sick. 
  • Every time she or I drop something, knock something over, or any other general boo boo type thing I always do the typical baby sing song version of "Uh oh". This weekend she started repeating it. Except her version is a sing song "Uh uh oh". Yeah... she doubles it up for some reason. 
  • She has mastered the sippy cup. Although we're still doing bottles for naps and bedtime. We're also slowly transitioning from formula to real milk. So far no complaints from my little garbage disposal. 
  • She's using signs more consistently. But I have to be really vigilant and pay attention or sometimes I'll miss them. Because most of them are her own version of the correct sign. But she's doing "more", "eat", "all done", sometimes I think she's doing "drink" and tonight when I asked if she was ready for her bath and signed "bath"... she also did.
    That's it for now. I must sleep. And soon...


    Anonymous said...

    Way to go Mia! So many awesome new firsts!

    Oh K, I remember the day well when suddenly it was time to re-babyproof as Hannah was standing. It will happen again....when she starts climbing. Oye!

    Your sweet Mia is absolutely beautiful!


    Aus said...

    Awesome set of 'firsts' here! And you'll be so glad that you are signing - even if it is in 'family slang' - her (and therefore your) stress level will be so much lower in a few months when she can communicate what her needs are while she still lacks the language to talk!!

    hugs - aus and co.

    Robin said...

    OMG! She looks like such a big girl in the stroller pic. It's like you can see where she's headed. She is really so beautiful, Miss Personality. Eliza has a cold so we haven't been sleeping either. Hope you get some zzzzz's soon. xox

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