Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Friday

During the week I feel a little like I'm running on a hamster wheel. Just living the same day over and over a la Groundhog Day. 

Get up, shower, get dressed, wake Mia, dress her, get her to the sitter's, go to work, go pick her up from sitter's, play a little, dinner, bath, baby bed time, chores, mommy time. That's my day. Just rinse and repeat.

I live for the weekends. I did before I became a Working Single Mom. But now those 2 glorious days mean so much more. I get to spend them with my favorite girl. 

I've decided Friday evenings are just for mommy and Mia. No chores. No laundry. No have to do anything... other than spend time together. Tonight we went to the park.
It was a beautiful, sunny, not too hot afternoon. Perfect for a walk around the lake where we encountered this... uh, crane? Heron? Big bird? Whatever he was... he was pretty. And apparently not scared of us at all.
Then we stopped to chat with the ducks and the geese for awhile.
Mia enjoyed a little dining al fresco by the water.
We topped off the night with one of Mia's most favorite things ever.
As you can see by the look on her face.
It was a great way to ease into the weekend.
And for me and my girl to relax and reconnect a little after our busy week.
Happy Weekend, y'all!
On a sidenote, anyone know why this blog always cuts off my pics? I changed my blog template thinking maybe that was it. But no. Or why the pics look beautiful and sharp on my computer but get all fuzzy and grainy once I upload them to the blog? But when you click on them to enlarge ...they look fine? I don't get it.


Sandra said...

This post made me smile. Mia is adorable and I just want to squeeze and kiss those legs!

Keely Heinzen said...

You are definitely living you "happily ever after!" What a wonderful evening!!! Your blog looks great to me...

K said...

I've been having the same trouble with pictures on my blog. I thought it was my fault, but perhaps it's not.

I sure empathize with you about the joy of Friday nights and the weekends! Every night my daughter asks me, "Babies come tomorrow?" Five days of the week I answer yes, then along comes Friday and we do the Happy No Babies Dance as the last child is picked up from daycare and we boogie on up the stairs.

~K said...

That's what I imagine life will become. I'm glad you are taking the weekend to just enjoy time with your girl and not worry about chores. Do them during the week so that the weekends are all yours. She's thriving and happy, that's all that matters... Spend every last moment of the weekends living with your girl... The other stuff will get done. Xoxo

Anonymous said...

No problem on my computer Krista!! They look great!! what a beauty!!
Carla Fugate

China Dreams said...

Being a hamster isn't such a bad makes the days that aren't routine that much more special!


dawn said...

I love how you can go from 60 - 0 just like that. Your Friday nights look perfect. Enjoy everysingleweekendsecond with your girl.

La-La-Liene said...

Love the photos. You and Mia time is awesome. Love that you devote that time to her and her only. She is so dang cute and it seems like she's changed so much in the short time you've had her home.

p.s. The bird is a Heron. We have one of those (or more) that likes to make breakfast, lunch, dinner out of the Koi in my parents backyard pond from time to time.

Alyson and Ford said...

Sounds like a happy routine! Happy Weekend!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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