Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Updated Pics!

I ordered a care package for Mia on Sunday night from Ann at Red Thread China. A lot of people in my June RQ family had done the same thing and received updated pics and measurements. So I really hoped I would, too. Sure enough... Ann delivered! I woke up this morning to find these in my email. What a surprise! I didn't expect anything so soon. Ann rocks!!! I can't recommend her enough. 
Look at my little chunky monkey! Her referral medical dated 3-1-11 said she weighed 18 lbs and was 61 cm. These new measurements from yesterday claim she's 22 lbs and 65 cm. Is that even possible? A 4 lb and 4 cm gain in just 6 weeks? I'm a first time clueless mom. I have no idea. Is that even a normal size for a 6 mth old?

She looks healthy. Those chubby cheeks and pudgy little hands show that. Someone is definitely feeding her well. But those layers can be deceiving.
I was also blessed to receive a photo of Mia with her foster father. This photo is priceless to me. Such an important part of her history. I can see that he loves her. She's too roly poly not to be loved. That just fills my heart. I know you can read a lot into a photo...especially when you're still floating on the bliss of a referral...but I like his face. His eyes seem kind and soft. And I like that he's smiling as he holds our daughter.
I hope to one day be able to express to him how grateful I am. And it makes me sad to know that my happiness... will cause his family heartache when they have to let her go.


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