Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mia's Birthday Party

Because of other obligations, Mia's birthday party was pushed back to October 20th. I knew it was risky to plan an outdoor party in Ohio in the middle of October. But I had faith the weather would cooperate. 
I was wrong. It was a beautiful sunny day. But it was chilly. Very chilly. And the wind was ferocious.
I learned a very valuable lesson. Either have an outdoor party. Or decorate with a bunch of crafty Pinterest creations. But you can't do both. The wind wreaked absolute havoc on my decorations.
Because of Mia's love affair with reading, I chose a bookworm theme. I made a mini book garland and matching birthday banner. The garland was supposed to drape the food tables but the wind kept blowing the tablecloths up so I ended up just sticking it to the wall.
I spray painted tin cans to make vases and made these adorable little bookworm picks.
Each vase had a different reading/book related quote framed in scrapbook paper that matched the book garland and birthday banner.
I saw an idea on Pinterest about making a number shaped pinata and thought "Hmmm... that looks pretty easy. I bet I could do that."
It was absolutely gorgeous when it was finished. But I cursed it for the hours and hours... and hours... it took me to make it.
My sister, brother-in-law and their T's drove up from Tennessee to help us celebrate.
That made my birthday girl very happy.
My frustration over the pinata was totally worth it in the end though. 
The kids loved it!
It was definitely the highlight for them and for us... just to watch them have so much fun.
This photo cracks me up.
Tess and her over the head full force swing.
Here's Teagan taking his whacks.
Braeden seemed to have a softer approach.
But Travis meant serious business when it was his turn. Just look at his face. LOL!
Every kid had a turn from smallest to biggest. Travis was the last and he was determined to bring it down.
And he did. Then it was a mad dash for all the goodies inside.
Mia was attached at the hip to Tatum quite a bit that day. She misses her cousins since they've moved away.
Her cake was absolutely amazing. I can't take credit for that one.
I may be crafty... but a cake decorator I am not.
Mia loved having everyone sing to her.
But she may have loved eating the cake even more.
So did Tess.
In spite of the windy cold weather and the decor not turning out how mommy had planned, it was a really fabulous day.
We had a lot of friends and family who braved the elements to celebrate my girl. I really appreciated that.
And Mia had fun. She was happy and really enjoyed her party. In the end, that was all that mattered.


Aus said...

Nice retro - and great party - cold notwithstanding! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

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