Sunday, October 7, 2012

Missing My Boy

It's been 4 weeks since I had to say good-bye to my furry little soul mate.
Getting used to his absence has been really difficult. Some days there are still tears.
As I carry laundry up from the basement, I still expect to see him waiting for me at the top of the stairs... like he always did.
I still wait for him to come running to the kitchen when I open a bag of shredded cheese... like he always did.
I still slowly get out of bed when the alarm goes off so that I don't startle him sleeping peacefully at the foot of my bed... like he always did.
I still glance over at the couch expecting to see him sleeping on the back of it... like he always did.
He's just always been around. My nieces and nephews have grown up with him.
He's been camping with the family and has gone on a few road trips. In 2010, we drove all the way to Florida together.
He was included in our annual Christmas penguin pj's photoshoots.
And one year he even got his own photo with the big guy.
I'm sure there will be sadness when I pull out the Christmas decor this year.
He was my constant companion for twelve years.
My first baby.
My snuggler.
My spooner.
Then Mia came and our lives really changed. This was our first day home and his expression seems to be saying "Are you sure about this?"
But it didn't take long for Griffey to accept her into our family.
And then he was always with her.
Never that far away... but far enough to be out of reach. LOL!
Hovering and hoping for a dropped Cheerio.
I love how he photo-bombed this present opening shot. I found this on my computer when I was organizing old photos of him and it made me laugh.
He was right there in the mix to help celebrate Mia's first birthday with everyone.
I'm glad they had a little over a year together. I wish it could've been longer. But I'm grateful they knew each other. I'll hold those memories close.
I'll probably look for him in all his familiar places for awhile still yet.
And I'll love him.... and miss him always.
Or at least until we meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.
July 1, 2000 - Sept 7, 2012


Amy said...

...and now I'm crying. <3 =(

Luna said...

What can I say? I am crying. This post broke my heart. It brought memories of my own "foreverdog" who "crossed the bridge" in 2008. We spent 13 years together.

I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but here I am 4 years later still crying over him.

Me heart goes to yours.

Anna said...

Krista, I lost my two dogs when they were 14 years old. I still miss them like crazy, and they made me believe in doggy heaven.

dawn said...

Oh Krista, I'm crying too. You are supposed to miss him, I just wish it didn't hurt your heart so much. He was truly special. hugs.

LadyBug Dragon said...

What a sweet tribute!

Briana's Mom said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet tribute. My kitty just turned 14 years old and I always wonder how much more time I have left with her. She will always be my first baby.

Diva Maman said...

I lost my forever baby three years ago this month. You never ever stop looking, and you never ever stop missing them. Eventually, you stop hurting.

But, you always, always, always love them.

Paula said...

What a special little guy!!! It is so incredibly evident from the photos. He will hold a special place in your heart always. Lot's of precious memories. Nothing wrong with tears, even if it's a year or two down the road. The love our pets share with us is an awesome thing. Those of us blessed with pets are lucky enough to experience it. Hugs.

Kim said...

thinking of you always... Big Hugz.. Love you and can't imagine the pain...

Ang said...

Don't know if it will help but to share some words that my dear grandmother said to me as I was crying over the loss of my cat when I was pregnant.
"Maybe our dearest pets are really Angels sent here to watch out for us and when they knew we would be was time for them to go and watch over someone else."
Maybe he was sent here to help you as you were waiting for Mia and then after she came home he stayed a bit longer to make sure you gals were going to be okay. I think that he will always be watching over you and your baby girl and someday he will send an Angel friend to watch over Mia.

Stephe said...

Hugs. :( Stephe & Giorgia

Catherine said...

So sorry Krista. I know how much your sweet Griffey meant to you. ((hugs))

Ani Vuolo said...

I am so very sorry for your loss:(

Gail said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. I have followed you and Griffey during your wait for Mia and his pics always made me smile. Losing our fur babies is so very hard. My heart aches for your loss. Know that he was loved and he knew it! You can tell by his smiles in the pics! Hugs.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry. Sending pug hugs. xo

Jeannie Davis said...

He reminds me of a little fox cub, his facial features I guess. He sure is cute. I've lost pets over the years as well and realize how bad it can hurt. I'm sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Your dog was amazing and beautiful and I am so sorry you lost him.

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