Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chatty Girl

Mia babbles all day long. She holds long conversations with herself, me, the dog, the table, the blanket. She just talks non-stop. And hums and sings. It's adorable. I wonder if I'll always think so.

Her current vocabulary (that sometimes only I can translate) consists of:
bye bye
milk (still pronounced "mi" without the lk)
more (muh muh muh)
nana (for banana)
nigh-nigh (for bedtime)
arf arf
thank you (pronounced "an too")
bath (pronounced "ba" without the th)
no (and shakes her head)
yes (and nods her head)

And when she's especially whiny she calls me Mum-may pronounced like Stewie in the Family Guy cartoon. Now that is funny. I wish I could get it on tape but it's totally random when she chooses to say it.


Catherine said...

Mia's baby chatter is oh so sweet and it does change with time and is just as much fun when you listen in on your daughter's chatter using words you understand. We are so blessed!!!

Aus said...

Our youngest has hit that 'non-stop talk stage' including sound effects and moans and stuff as the various transformers fight and stuff....ugh...but then again, this is our 6th go round with that!

hugs - aus and co.

LadyBug Dragon said...

I love reading all her updates! She's such a treasure. Everytime I see penguins I think of you two!

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