Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hanging In

Work has been crazy busy the last couple of weeks. Mia has so many new teeth, including molars, coming in ....I've lost count.

Needless to say... I've got nothing left at the end of the day. So the blog is suffering. Hopefully, life will calm down here for us soon.

In the meantime, here are some videos of my big girl and all the walking she's been doing lately.
And unfortunately, a lot of stumbling and falling down, too.
And lots and lots of babbling. This girl is gonna be a non-stop talker some day.
Oh and if you notice there's a lack of furniture in our living room. We had to make room for the new stuff to be delivered. Mia is loving the wide open space. Momma, however, is tired of sitting on the floor for the last week.


Greg, Dottie and Mimi said...

I hear what you are saying Krista. By 9:00 pm, I'm ready to pass out myself. I hate to be the one to tell you but things don't really slow down. At least at our house it doesn't. I'm finding the older my Mimi gets the busier we are. Mei-Lin is doing her darndest to keep up with big sis too. When they are both home together it's go, go, go and we haven't even left the house! LOL!

GGHadden said...

Oh waht a sweet little voice she is getting there :) You are about to enter the "bruise club" and those bangs will come in handy once she gets moving around a little faster and bumps into everything. I loved watching our Mia learn to walk but then she became one with everything table high.

Catherine said...

Cute videos! Had to laugh at the middle one where she manages to walk over the large object in the middle of the room but then proceeds to fall over when nothing is under her feet at all..and then fall sideways too. I know we shouldn't laugh but she sure is cute!!

Aus said...

Well....Mom might be tired - but Mia is still extremely cool! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Kayce said...

She is so stinking adorable K! Ain't life grand? Said with a big smile on my face because I'm just loving the fact that you have Mia in your life. :)

LadyBug Dragon said...

I saw in the last video, you cut her bangs! Her hair is growing so fast!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh my GOSH!!!!! She is THE CUTEST!!!! That 2nd video really had me cracking up!! ENJOY this special time!!! It really does go by so fast...your posts always bring back happy memories for me! :)

K said...

These were the cutest videos EVER! Mia is super cute and her hair is amazing!

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