Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

We had a pretty low key Chinese New Year this year. Mostly because Mia is so young. Next year I'll put more effort into it.
We met my sister's family at a restaurant for dinner on the first day of CNY. The girls wore the dresses we bought them in China. The bigger boys were there, too, but avoid the camera these days.

This picture cracks me up. Teagan's fake smile looks quite creepy.
And another outtake ...this time it was Tess.
This was a dress Mia wore in China that was actually too big for her at the time. That was June. But now it doesn't cover her bottom. So it became a shirt.
Look at the difference 7 months makes!
Here's another. This was taken with my phone so not a great photo. But can you believe this is the same girl? 
Yesterday we went to our local FCC celebration. Mia has a bad cold so it wasn't a great day. She had refused to nap so we got there an hour late. I was disappointed because we missed a lot. But we still got to see some friends and have dinner.
In spite of her earlier cranky mood, she perked up and had a good time. But momma got only a few photos.
Next year, we'll do better. 
Happy Chinese New Year!


dawn said...

aww, she's just gorgeous. The changes in her are mind boggling. I'll put them down to having such an amazing Mummy.

Aus said...

She looks great!! Were you at the FCC celebration in Mason? If so - we were together in the same room and missed each other? No fair at all!! If not - ah well!!

hugs - glad that she's (and y'all are) doing so well!

hugs - aus and co.

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